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eJL A, Slew Mitta^hM*^h- 


L] ®Rma 


Student Life.... 


Student Photos 




Personnel Photos 






Vocational and Technical 






J i 

- • 





H t t# EDGE OF 4 ^ 




Vincent van Gogh, The Sowtr, 1888. 



1 999 - 2000 

Welcoming a Hew Day 


I'll tell you how the Sun rose- 
A Ribbon at a time- 
The Steeples swam in Amethyst- 
ine news, like Squirrels, ran- 
The Hills untied their Bonnets- 
The Bobolinks-begun- 
Then I said softly to myself- 
That must have been the Sun!" 
— Emily Dickinson 

Dread and fear. Careless indifference. Joyous anticipation. All of these were media-enhanced responses as the calendar 
turned to 2000. Someday our children and grandchildren will ask us to describe that year - and what will our answers be? 

That, just as students did in 1940 and 1960 and 1990, we discussed literature's relevance in our lives, figured math prob- 
lems, experimented in chemistry lab. That, just as students did in 1930 and 1950 and 1970, we complained about dorm 
rules, fell in or out of love, played basketball. 

That we celebrated Homecoming and suffered from small-town blues. That we knew everything - and sometimes nothing. 

That we both feared and longed for change. That we loved tradition, and hated it That we learned how to be disciplined 
leaders, loving parents, useful citizens. 

Well tell them how East Central Community College was a beginning and an end, and that every day is a fresh start, anoth- 
er chance, a new millennium. 

Well tell them how the sun rose over central Mississippi pastures and in human hearts - and how it rises there still. 

And then well send them out to discover themselves, just as our parents and grandparents did. 

Parenting once looked like this. 

But the new millennium brings a new kind of parenting. 


1 1 in i: f i) i; ii 

This new breed of father can still roar 
like a lion — 

GY&wkc "J: 




Yet can be as gentle as a lamb. 


This picture says it all! 

Room 4 at Jackson Hall 

Jackson Hall before renovation. 

Young lady, don't even think about get 
ting into that car! 

Quys, get a look at this baseball field! How about playing here? 




Spring Luau 


4 ^ 

» L "V^ 

*y^» ip** fl 


Bb^-<i sB 

Senior Day 

During the registration process, the War- 
rior Corps helps get things started. 

annuo s 

Do the> ook a little confused to you? 

Mr. Davis instructs incoming students about 
the science department at ECCC. 

limn r o r n 

GV&wkc "J: 


Can't you tell these seniors had a great Senior Day experience? 

Mr. Alexander persuades these students to make 
East Central their choice. 

1 1 

What's Going On? 

New Female Dorm! 

new Male Dorm? 

"What in the world is that guy doing?" exclaimed the 
visitor. It was a pleasant September day, and he and 
his wife were enjoying a leisurely walk around the EC 


"He's going into Newsome Hall. Wait - oh, my gosh - 
there's a crowd of boys in there!" cried his wife. "I 
wonder what's going on; they shouldn't be in there. 
Where is the dorm mother?" 

"Everything's all right," assured a student who had 
overhead them. "Newsome Hall is a boys' dorm now. 
We have a new girls' dorm - Barber Hall - over on 
South Campus." The student grinned at their 
shocked expressions as he walked toward the tennis 

Thinking of Newsome Hall as a guy's place - and hav- 
ing a girls' dorm off the main campus - were just two 
adjustments that visitors, students, and East Central 
employees had to make as the fall 1999 semester 
began. For Matthew Roebuck, adjustments weren't 
tough at all. 

"I am near all of my classes and don't have to drive," 
he noted. "I think it is very convenient," although he 

added that there needed to be more parking in the 
area. Arral Parkerson was also pleased with the 
"new" dorm a former resident of Todd Hall. He found 
Newsome to be "cleaner" and "a whole lot better." 
The first week was generally a "good experience" for 
both students, despite an unusual visitor: "There 
was a cat in here (Newsome] and we had to chase it 
to get it out." 

But what about the gals? Were they heartbroken 
about living in East Central's latest home-away-from 
home. Barber Hall? "I love it," insisted Rita Patel. 
Catina Patrick also enjoyed the experience, although 
"at first it was strange because I was expecting 
yelling and rowdiness at night or loud music." Leslie 
Bryan also found life at South Campus sometimes 
strange: "I often feel like a castaway, but in a spe- 
cial, honored way." Jessica Beckham lamented 
being "away from all the cute guys," but confessed 
that "Barber living" wasn't so bad. 

Perhaps Beth Combs said it best: It is fine, but I miss 
my house, my dogs, my horses, my family, and most 
of all my boyfriend." 

And that says it all. 


radii 4 


Sick and Tired? 

It's ten A.M., and Wally Warrior has a problem. 

He first noticed the sore throat when he woke up that 
morning in Scott Hall. The coughing began in his eight 
o'clock health class, and the Coke he drank before 
going on to algebra didn't help. Although other stu- 
dents had complained about the warm rooms in 
Ethridge Hall, he buttoned his jacket and shivered. 

It's ten A.M., and Wally is miserable. He has two more 
classes to get through, and his throat is no longer just 
sore - it's on fire. Independence is great, he sighs as 
he trudges toward the main campus, until you get sick 


But somebody does - just ask Gloria Rigdon and Mary 
Humphreys. They are East Central's college nurses, 
and their clinic in the new Smith Student Union Build- 
ing is a friendly haven for every runny nose and upset 

Rigdon and Humphreys certainly see their share of 
those complaints, but a "typical" day doesn't exist for 
them - there's always a challenge to be met, such as 
the time a student came in suffering from a snakebite 

- and had the snake with him to prove it! 

Equally challenging - and disturbing - are the other prob- 
lems that confront them: dealing with the physical and 
emotional trauma of victims of domestic violence or car- 
ing for patients who need further medical attention but 
cannot afford it. How do they do it? They heal, they listen,] 
and they teach: during the fall 1999 semester they coor- 
dinated several health screenings and a blood drive andj 
scheduled three health professionals to speak on sexual- 
ly transmitted diseases, alcohol abuse, and domestic vio- 

Rigdon and Humphreys aren't just "take two aspirin and 
you'll feel better" caregivers; they are registered nurses 
with current Mississippi State Board licenses, capable of 
handling anything from a routine blood pressure check to 
a full-blown emergency. They are calm, cheerful, and 
experienced - and just what poor Wally Warrior needs. 

It's three P.M. and Wally is getting ready for band practice. 
His throat is not quite so scratchy; his headache is eas-> 
ing. He might just make it - thanks to his visit to the clin-i 
ic, where he discovered two people whose concern and 
expertise have made all the difference. 

ECCC's nurses: 
(from left) Mary 
Humphreys and 
Gloria Rigdon. 





f / / 


Coffee, Tea, and Art 

On March 31, 1999, Ms. Hammons's World Lit II 
class hosted the second annual poetry coffee- 
house: East Central Perks. The two specialties were 
the homemade cappuccino and the poetry. 

Over one hundred people packed the Gold Room to 
hear poets read their original compositions and to 
hear students from Ms. Hammons's World and 
American Lit classes read poetry that they had stud- 
ied during the semester. Mr. Vickers also charmed 
the crowd with selections from autographs books. 

with his beautiful Christian music. The song hi: 
younger brother wrote, "Water," moved everyon* 
who heard it. After everyone had filled up on caf 
feine and poetry, Mark Eakes, Chas Evans, an< 
Gabriel Velasco entertained those who just couldn' 
leave the Gold Room. Mark's golden voic< 
smoothed the whole evening to a yeah-this-was 
great, head-nodding close. 

Isaac Vega wowed the audience for a second year 

As always, Mr. Vickers charms his 

Isaac inspires the audience with his gold- 
en voice. 


fcifciiciicilcifcircilcilcifgi lcifci [ gipgifcifcilcilcilcilcifci|gifci 



Chas, Nark, and Gabriel woo the audience 
with a song. 

Regina reads a poem by Edna St. Vincent 

Holly reads an excerpt from Maya Angelou's 
short story, "Finishing School." 

"The Lake Isle of Innisfree" 

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, 

And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles 

Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the hon- 

And live alone in the bee-loud glade. 

And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes 

dropping slow. 
Dropping from the veils of morning to where the 

cricket sings; 
There midnight's all a glimmer, and noon a purple 

And evening full of the linnet's wings. 

I will arise and go now, for always night and day 
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the 

While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements 

I hear it in the deep heart's core. 

by W. B. Yeats 


East Central Homecoming 

Homecoming Court: (left to right) Emily Boggan, Natalie Boggan, Marci Patterson, McKenzie Mack, 
Queen LaShanta Lyles, Angela Jayroe, Valarie Barfield, Katrina Hyde, and Tanequa Kirkland. 

Escorts: (left to right) Nathan Shaw, Steve Pearson, Josh Miles, Eddie Lyles, Lamond Bowie, John 
Adam Long, Keneen Childress, T. J. Madison, and Donamechia Carter. 

Dr. Eddie Smith 
crowns ECCC's 
1999-2000 Home- 
coming Queen 

Queen LaShanta Lyles, Morton; Maid of Honor, Angela Jayroe, Sophomore maid. Tanequa Kirk- 
escort, Lamond Bowie. Morton Louisville; escort, John Adam land, Neshoba Central; escort. 

Long, Winston Academy Donamechia Carter, Philadelphia 


iophomore maid, Katrina Hyde, Sophomore maid, Valarie Barfield, Freshman maid, Emily Boggan, 
ouisville; escort, T. J. Madison, Neshoba Central; escort, Keneen Newton County; escort, Nathan 
ieshoba Central Childress, Louisville Shaw, Neshoba Central 

'rehsman maid, Marci Patterson, Freshman maid, McKenzie Mack, Freshman maid, Natalie Boggan, 
Vinston Academy; escort. Josh Morton; escort, Eddie Lyles, Tyner Newton County; escort, Steve 
liles, Winston Academy High School, Chattanooga, TN Pearson, Newton County 


In the Spirit of Homecoming! 



^m^^HWh /W 

Iiraft "—.^2 


■ ~^M1 


■ ylL 

^^B\ Hg * 


n£^ i/J 

^F -.- 






ISBIVE!!! <m\ 

> CADD « W\ 


mk wm Y/^j) 


ft ft *» 4 1 






you In M/fa 

We'll Design 

A Year Sublime 

In 99 

jn-." .'^f £f L j/rji 

Alpha MpV^a 



Starting off on the right foot! 

Smile, you're on ECCC camera! 

Hungry for education or treats??? 

I will need to take what classes??? 

Five dollars! Decal or ticket? 


You have to take all these classes! 

Can you tell me where Newton Hall is? 

Let's get your schedule on track! 

Get off my foot, please! 

Hey, can you help me; I'm lost. 

I got a new friend!!! 


ECCC Welcomes a New Year, a New Millennium 

Who says onions aren't sweet! 

Just take one, please. 

Eleven "little piggies" are in a line. 

I'll bet my snout is longer than yours. 


Just a little more mayo will do the trick. 

Simon says, "Crawl/ 

'Saturday Night Fever" all over again. 

Just a few more chips, please. 

Does anyone know what to do? 

Wait until you see me in my tutu. 


Frolicking in the Spring lime 


Leaping, leaping! 

"We have to do what with this egg???" asked 

Tyler sums it all up. 

Huellen pleads for her teammates to aim for the cup, or she will 
look like Courtney. 


Take Hayley's advice: "Chance" 
it and win. 

Somebody has to be 
bench warmers, even if it 
is one half of the student 





Where Dreams Can Come True 

It's just a small room on the second floor of Newton Hall. A casual glance through its open door 
reveals little: a few computer workstations, a few warm bodies, a few posters on the wall. Appear- 
ances can be misleading, however, for this is East Central's Learning Skills Center. What goes on 
here is nothing short of miraculous, for this is the place where dreams come true. 

What do YOU dream of? Improving your skills in biology lab? Speaking better Spanish? Writing 
an essay that earns an A? The Learning Skills Center can help you do it all, for it has one pur- 
pose only: helping every student meet his or her academic goals. Ms. Nary Hanson, the Center's 
director, achieves this with a winning combination of high-tech/low-tech approaches. The Center 
has fifteen networked work stations that utilize PLATO software, a comprehensive program for 
all levels of reading, writing, English, and mathematics. Additional programs in speech, Spanish, 
life and job skills, science, and medical terminology are available. The Center also offers indi- 
vidual and small-group tutoring for those who prefer a personal touch. 

What's that? These don't satisfy YOUR educational dreams because you're not yet ready for col- 
lege-level work? Don't worry, the Center can help you, too. Tutoring is available for GED prepa- 
ration. Need some test-taking assistance with the ACT, the TABE, and pre-nursing or pre-educa- 
tion screening? Never fear — step into Room 112 and prepare to be rescued. 

We come to college with many expectations — but none of us have "failure" on that list of expec- 
tations. If our skills need improvement, however, or we are having difficulty being "on our own," 
we may soon assume that failure is inevitable. But it's not — and the Learning Skills Center can 
help us turn our lives around. We don't have to give up our dreams. 





Fall Festival 

And we all clap our hands and say "Yeah!" 

I see something up your nose. 

There's got to be a better way to hula hoop. 

Save that paper. We might need it later. 

That will just tickle your "innards." 

Ron Ron cant understand why she can't limbo like that. 


"And you can take that to the bank. 

Oh, come on, Mr. Lee. You can do better than that! You're next, Dr. 

The band sets the stage for a night of fun. 

'Oh put a sock in it." 

These guys need paper bags to catch a girl. 

Eric Clapton eat your heart out! 




(First row) Staci Slay ton. Heather Hamilton, Tara Yarbrough, Kelly Tucker (Second 
row) Michael Wilcher, Chris Weems, Cliff Edwards, (Not Pictured-Beau Elison) 


(First row) Karmen Jones, McKenzie Mack, Erin Boswell (Second row) Clay Byars, 
Frazier Wash, Justin Reed 


World Literature Class Presents: 
Ars Poetica et Musica 




Queen of Hearts 

*L ^8 ■ 


»> jl'3B^£; : - 

^^r B 

W \ \ 

■ M^A 

- _J^s3H^HI^^».aL.. .-;■■ 

Most Beautiful — Lachelle 

Most Handsome — Levi 

Beauties and Most Beaufiful Beaus and Most Handsome 


Jon Martin and Emily Johnson 

Craig McRae and Bevin Rieger 


Michael Thompson and Amy Jones 

Josh Sanders and Heather Warren 



Craig McRae 

Craig McRae is Mr. ECCC. When Craig graduates 
from East Central, he plans to further his educa- 
tion and obtain a bachelor's degree in computer 
engineering and hopefully secure a job in comput- 
er graphics. Craig is involved in many extracurric- 
ular activities, while maintaining a cumulative 
GFA of 3.76. These activities include being a mem- 
ber of the Wall O' Sound Marching Band, Warrior 
Corps, Phi Theta Kappa, and Mu Alpha Theta. Craig 
is also very involved in Alpha Alpha Epsilon, the 
President's Council, Percussion Ensemble, intra- 
mural sports, and the highly competitive Scholars 
Bowl. While attending East Central, Craig has 
received many honors and awards. He has 
received the Math Award, Margaret Mosel Leader- 
ship Award, Dean's List, Who's Who Among Amer- 
ican Junior College Students, National Collegiate 
Engineering Award, and has been nominated for 
the USA All-Academic Team. Craig presides as 
president of Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Alpha 
Epsilon, the President's Council and serves as sec- 
retary of Mu Alpha Theta. To Craig, the most 
important things in life are family and friends 
because they are the only constant things in life. 
Having a purpose in life is Craig's philosophy. As 
Craig puts, it, "If you make a positive impact on at 
least one person's life, you have led a purposeful 


Miss ECCC 

Jill Gray 

he 1999-2000 Miss ECCC is Jill Gray. Jill is a pre- 
hysical therapist major, tier plans are to attend 
lississippi State University and receive a degree 
1 pre-physical therapy. After graduating from Mis- 
issippi State, she plans to attend the University 
ledical Center to complete her degree in physical 
tierapy. With this degree, Jill feels that she can 
elp many people. Jill is a member of the Warrior 
lorps. Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Sigma Mu Tau and 
lu Alpha Theta. Jill has received the honor as a 
lember of Who's Who Among American Junior 
olleges, an All- American Scholar, and President's 
ist. There are three things that Jill considers as 
he most important. Her first is her faith in God. 
he believes that "through Him all things are pos- 
ible." Her family is second. Jill replies, "My fami- 
/ has encouraged me to strive for excellence and 
as told me that I could do anything." Having a 
ood education is next in line. She Believes that a 
ood education will give her more options in life, 
ill's philosophy is the Golden Rule: "Do unto oth- 
rs as you would have them do." Jill adds, "As I 
et older, I find it is so important to treat others 
ith respect and kindness, no matter what our dif- 
srences may be." 



1 6 

Sophomore Class Officers: (from L) President Michael Wilch- 
er, Edinburg; Vice-President Emily Johnson, Philadelphia; 
Secretary Huellen Nutt, Morton; and Treasurer Staci Slayton, 

Freshman Class Officers: (from L) President Levi Duncan, Eustis 
FL; Vice-President Emily Boggan, Decatur; Secretary Sarah Johnson 
Hickory; and Treasurer Karmen Jones, Walnut Grove 

The ECCC Student Council — the SBA 

s a "do nothing" group, right? Just another meaningless organiza- 
Dn you can list on your resume? 


ist Central has an incredibly active Student Council representing the 
itire student body. In addition to serving as a liaison between the 
udents and the administration, council members also sponsor a vari- 
y of events and activities. Do you have a concern about meals in the 
feteria? Do you want to meet new people and make more friends? 

you want more from college than just "book learning"? Student 
ouncil members understand — and are looking out for your inter- 
ts while learning how to be mature, responsible leaders. 

rhe SBA is the most involved organization on campus," insisted 
uellen Nutt of Morton, and participating in it offers "a great chance 

get involved with campus events," according to Karmen Jones, the 
ashman class treasurer. Holding office in the SBA isn't all fun and 
mes, however. "It (being a Council officer) requires a lot of hard 
ork and dedicated time," noted Veronica Haynes, the 1999-2000 
JA president. "You gain a lot of respect from your friends and fac- 
ty," added Michael Wilcher, sophomore class president and resident 

Edinburg. Ashley McDill of Decatur admitted that "the hardest 
ing is ail the work" but enjoyed her tenure as SBA vice-president: 
've met many wonderful people through the SBA. These are friends 

1 cherish for the rest of my life!" 

SBA officers: (Seated) Veronica Haynes, President and 
Ashley McDill, Vice-President (Standing) Tesa Henry, 
Secretary and Robyn Watts, Treasurer. 

Giving students the TOTAL college experience is a task that SBA members 
take seriously. Welcome Week activities, pep rallies, a basketball "House of 
Hoops," a guest band concert during Homecoming Week, Fall Festival, 
Spring Luau, Spring Spree — the list of SBA-sponsored events goes on and 
on. Though they are quick to say that all of these were great, members did 
have their preference — Fall Festival. 

"Fall Fest was my favorite event thus far," said sophomore treasurer Staci 
Slayton. "A lot ot students came, and everyone had a really good time." 
"There was great musical entertainment," said Levi Duncan, the fresh- 
man president who calls Eustis, Florida, his home. "If SBA could have 
more activities like this one, it would persuade more people to come to 
East Central." The secretary for the freshman class, Sarah Johnson, also 
enjoyed Fall Festival. "I was in the toilet paper wrap game. It was fun and 
surprisingly hard to do well." 

Do nothing? Don't care? Obviously these are words that couldn't possi- 
bly describe East Central's Student Council. "I think that the ECCC SBA 
is the hardest working community college SBA in the state," asserts the 
Dean of Students, Randall Lee. Veronica Haynes would have to agree: 

"Leadership is a great experience." 


Jennifer Able, Sebastopol 

Veronica Adams, Quitman 

Lisa Adcock, Forest 

Brandi Adcox, Forest 

Dwight Agee, Collins 

Nick Agent, Carthage 

Connie Alexander, Decatur 

Sharon Allen, Union 

Billy Anderson, Union 
Jeffrey Anthony, Noxapater 

Kristy Anthony, Sebastopol 

Tom Archer, Philadelphia 

Kristen Averett, Decatur 

Atika Ball, Meridian 

Chris Bankston, Union 

Nick Barham, Carthage 

Amanda Barrett, Nanih Waiya 

Lee Ann Barrett, Decatur 

Vanesha Battle, Forest 

Elizabeth Beckham, Carthage 

Jessica Beckham, Philadelphia 

Lakina Beeman, Morton 

Eddie Bell, Carthage 

Babalyn Bender, Lawrence 

Tabitha Bishop, Forest 

William Black, Forest 

Curt Blackburn, Lawrence 

Cassandra Blaylock, Pulaski 

Emily Boggan, Decatur 

Natalie Boggan, Decatur 

Courtney Boler, Walnut drove 

Brittany Boney, Quitman 

Crystal Bonner, Newton 

Lesli Bonner, Quitman 

Benjamin Bouriand, Louisville 



Jessica Bradshaw, Morton 
Marcie Breidinger, Decatur 
Michael Brooks, Carthage 
Jessica Brown, Carthage 
Johnnie Brown, Philadelphia 

Latonia Brown, Enterprise 
Monica Brown, Newton 
Jessica Brumfield, Carthage 
Leslie Bryan, Philadelphia 
Amy Burgin, Union 

April Burke, Little Rock 
Brandy Burnett, Louisville 
Dewaski Burnside, Noxapater 
Lekeisha Burnside, 

Richard Burnside, 


Chasity Burrow, Union 
Joseph Campbell, Mew Jersey 
Lauren Carr, Louisville 
Ryan Carruth, Carthage 
Chris Carson, Decatur 

James Carter, Philadelphia 
Thurston Carter, Philadelphia 
Dain Cauthen, Carthage 
Nicole Chambers, Morton 
Laura Chamblee, Carthage 

Brenda Cheek, Philadelphia 
Katie Chunn, Philadelphia 
Kristy Clay, Nanih Waiya 
Kendra Clemons, 

Kristin Cleveland, Union 

Kelly Cluff, Newton 
Kim Coghlan, Carthage 
Rinada Cole, Philadelphia 
Keith Coleman, Louisville 
Sherice Coleman, Ludlow 


Julienne Collins, Noxapater 

Jacob Comans, Forest 

Kasey Comans, Decatur 

Jareel Combest, Louisville 

Beth Combs, Louisville 

Joel Cosgrove, Philadelphia 

Shanetha Cox, Lake 

Jennifer Crabtree, Little Rock 

Ashli Craig, Morton 

J.D. Craig, Morton 

Juatesha Crockett, 


Robert Crosby, Union 

Kenneth Culbertson, 


La Shanda Darby, 

Bay Springs 

Shay Darby, Moxapater 

Holly Davidson, Sebastopol 

Hal Davis, Sturgis 

Miranda Davis, Lake 

Terlisa Davis, Louisville 

Demetra Dawkins, Hickory 

Charlisa De Loach, Enterprise 

Melody De Wit, Decatur 

Benjamin Dear, Fellowship 

Ashley Deel, Morton 

Robert Dempsey, Louisville 

Amanda Denson, Lena 
Jason Denson, Morton 
Peggie Denson, Morton 
Kristin Deweese, Philadelphia 
Tonya Dixon, Carthage 

Nathan Dorman, Edinburg 

Suzanne Dorman, Carthage 

Derian Dotson, Louisville 

Brandy Drake, Philadelphia 

Levi Duncan, Eustis, FL 


Rachael Dunn, Decatur 

Heath Dye, Morton 

Leanne Earls, Morton 

Ricky Edwards, Louisville 

Tessie Edwards, Decatur 

Brandy Ellington, Forest 

Mandi Ellis, Union 

Dia Evans, Plymouth 

Jessica Evans, Bay Springs 

Matthew Farish, Louisville 

Joni Fair, South Carolina 
Heleena Fedrick, Morton 

Nicole Finley, Newton 
Rob Fisher, Carthage 

Alva Flowers, Newton 

Wesley Forest, Newton 

Candi Fortenberry, Carthage 

Jerri Lynn Frey, Louisville 

Leah Fulcher, Winston 

Candice Fulton, Louisville 

Jacob Fulton, Louisville 

Laurie Fulton, Philadelphia 

Rachel Fulton, Edinburg 

Amber Gainer, Louisville 

James Garrison, Decatur 

Kelli Goodin, Winston 

Samantha Qoss, Morton 

Timothy Grant, Morton 

Joseph Qrice, Carthage 

Amanda Qriffin, Carthage 

Jonathan Qriffin, Philadelphia 

John Qunn, Walnut Grove 

Justin Hagan, Union 

Rachel Haralson, Forest 

Shamesha Harding, Louisville 

Dana Harris, Bay Springs 

Kelli Harris, Decatur 

Kimbeiiy Harris, Newton 

Amy Hatcher, Louisville 

Lindsey Hatcher, Philadelphia 

Kristy Haygood, Chunky 

Mandy Henderson, Decatur 

Valerie Herrera, Carthage 

Marie Herring, Philadelphia 

Marco Hickman, Union 

Elizabeth Hicks, Pachuta 

Sparkle Hill, Philadelphia 

Michael Hodgins, Philadelphia 

Meredith Hogue, 

Walnut Grove 

Felicia Hopkins, Louisville 

Christina Home, Philadelphia 

Anthony Homesbuger, 


Comest Homesbuger, 


La Tonya Hoye, Decatur 

Nekemia Hudson, Louisville 

Wendy Huff, Morton 

Amanda Hughes, Forest 

Felicia Hughes, Sebastapol 

Peggy Humphries, 


Hayley Ingram, Philadelphia 


La Kenya Jemigan, Louisville 
Amber Johnson, Tuscola 
Amy Johnson, Carthage 
Angie Johnson, Lena 
Jessica Johnson, Philadelphia 

Larry Johnson, Walnut Grove 
Mary Johnson, Union 
Myrtis Johnson, Newton 
Nathan Johnson, Forest 
Sarah Johnson, Newton 

Tywanis Johnson, Louisville 
Cassi Joiner, Louisville 
Ashley Jones, Forest 
Brandy Jones, Philadelphia 
Jason Jones, Carthage 

Karmen Jones, Walnut Grove 
Opal Jones, Homewood 
Shanna Jones, Union 
Tomeka Jones, Carthage 
Yolanda Jones, Carthage 

Lucinda Kea, Carthage 
Donnie Kelly, Decatur 
Pamela Kelly, Quitman 
Ashley Keys, Raleigh 
Rebecca Killen, Sebastopol 

Shayle Kirksey, Philadelphia 
Sherrie Komegay, Decatur 
Shelly Kugle, Noxapater 
Vickie Lacey, Madden 
Thomas Laird, Lake 

Karolyn Lampley, Noxapater 
Katrina Landrum, Toomsuba 
Haley Leach, Florence 
Angela Lewis, Philadelphia 
Tiffany Lewis, Union 


Ben Lindsey, Forest 

Josh Lockwood, Louisville 

Meosha Loper, Forest 

Ryan Louis, Forest 

Anita Lovett, Pearl 

Justin Luke, Meridian 

McKenzie Mack, Morton 

Lucas Majure, Decatur 

Corry Manley, Jachin, AL 

Carrie Massey, Decatur 

Jessica Matheny, Forest 

Jess May, Philadelphia 

Homer Mayers, Lake 

Terrencia McBeath, 


Erin McDaniel, Philadelphia 

Ellen McDill, Conehatta 

Jonathan McDonald, Decatur 

Shawn McDonald, Union 

Stacie McDonald, Laurel Hill 

Karla McMahan, Little Rock 

Jeff McMillian, Morton 

Kris McMillion, Carthage 

Josh McNeill, Louisville 

Lasondra Mercer, Meridian 

Lance Merchant, Morton 

Brandy Mills, Newton 

Christopher Mills, 


Laura Mills, Madden 

Bridget Minor, Little Rock 

Kirk Misso, Starkville 

William Montgomery, 

Little Rock 

Johnny Moore, Conehatta 

Krisrj Moore, Noxapater 

Shandra Moore, Philadelphia 

Sharonda Moore, Lake 


Valeria Moore, Philadelphia 

Kizzie Morgan, Philadelphia 

Harvetta Mosley, Philadelphia 

La Donna Mosley, Meridian 

Jennifer Moss, Forest 

Margaret Mott, Little Rock 
Tammy Munn, Morton 

James Murphy, Meridian 
Jason Myers, Philadelphia 

Emily Micholson, Chunky 

Nicole Nicholson, Philadelphia 

Christopher O'Neal, Brandon 

Asylbek Osmonov, Philadelphia 

Qenesta Pace, Iowa 

Sandra Pace-Lay, Decatur 

Dewayne Page, Taylorsville 

Mathew Parker, Collinsville 

William Parks, Decatur 

Rita Patel, Philadelphia 

Tina Patel, Forest 

Maurice Patrick, Forest 

Monica Patrick, Decatur 

Marci Patterson, Louisville 

Justin Pearson, Thomastown 

Nikki Pearson, Louisville 

Annie Peebles, Philadelphia 

Cyndi Perkins, Forest 

Pamela Perkins, Forest 

Tonya Pickens, Forest 

Linda Pierce, Union 

Paula Pinter, Harperville 

LeAnn Pittman, Pachuta 

Amanda Pope, Scott 

Holly Preston, Louisville 

Christy Price, Carthage 

Scarlet Price, Philadelphia 

Justin Proctor, Philadelphia 

Jamie Rainer, Decatur 

Cynthia Ray, Forest 

Justin Reed, Louisville 

Britney Reeves, Collinsville 

Dustin Renfrew, Philadelphia 

Sherron Rhodes, Carthage 

Robert Richardson, 


Clara Robertson, Meridian 

Amy Robinson, Meridian 

Birchel Robinson, Forest 

Debby Robinson, Hickory 

Melanie Robinson, Newton 

Antonio Rogers, Union 

Stephanie Rogers, 

Nanih Waiya 

Rachel Roland, Carthage 

Sharee Ross, Montrose 

Cory Rushing, Little Rock 

Betrye Russell, Union 

Trent Russell, Union 

Laney Ryals, Philadelphia 

Louis Ryan, Forest 

Jeremy Saenz, Houston, TX 

Jessica Sandrs, Carthage 


Qeorge Settlemir, Carthage 
Lacy Sharp, Forest 
Joan Shelley, Forest 
Amanda Simpson, 

Candace Simpson, 


Cindy Simmons, Carthage 
Tiffany Simmons, Newton 
Felesha Singleton, Forest 
Joel Skinner, Newton 
John Smart, Forest 

Adrea Smith, Newton 
Kayla Smith, Decatur 
James Smith, Walnut Grove 
Keitha Smith, Enterprise 
Marquita Smith, Louisville 

Michael Smith, Louisville 
Nancy Smith, Cartahge 
Shawn Smith, Rose Hill 
Jennifer Snow, Louisville 
Matthew Snow, Louisville 

Amanda Stamper, Decatur 
Emily Stephens, 

Gail Stephens, Vossburg 
Misty Stephens, 

Martina Stevens, Jasper 

Lacey Stokely, Morton 
Joseph Stokes, Louisville 
Brandi Stone, Carthage 
Shannon Sullivan, Carthage 
Heather Sumrall, Union 

Katrina Taylor, Hickory 
Kineshia Thames, 

Jarrett Thomas, Conehatta 
Jeremy Thomas, Philaelphia 
Rhea Thomas, Philadelphia 


Hal Thompson, West Point 

Justin Thompson, 


Ken Thompson, Louisville 

David Thome, Hickory 

Aimee Thornton, Carthage 

Jason Thrash, Philadelphia 

Josh Tillman, Forest 

Mary Tranum, Louisville 

Shanna Travis, Louisville 

Qunita Triplett, Louisville 

Nathan Trosper, Louisville 

Daniel Tubby, Philadelphia 

Holly Turner, Alabama 

Anna Udicova, Slovakia 

Angela Viverette, Union 

Ryan Wade, Carthage 

Mae Walker, Decatur 

Shonda Walker, Newton 

Qina Wall, Meredian 

Thomas Walton, Decatur 

Herman Warren, Morton 

Frazier Wash, Forest 

Kristian Watkins, Philadelphia 

Mechalo Weathers, 


Jessica Weeks, Forest 

Mistie Wells, Philadelphia 

Shawn West, Newton 

Julie White, Little Rock 

Vicky White, Little Rock 

Michel Whittington, 


Patrick Wilcher, Edinburg 

K.R. Williams, Chunky 

Leslie Williams, Louisville 

Renae Williams, Lake 

Allen Willis, Philadelphia 


Carl Wilson, Mewton 
Guy Wilson, Madden 
Sarah Wilson, Mendenhall 
Wayne Wilson, Sebastopol 
Dana Withers, Carthage 

Michael Withers, Philadelphia 
Shelby Withers, Carthage 
Martha Wood, Philadelphia 
nicole Wood, Morton 
Freddie Woods, Forest 

m ! ' 



Dexter Adkins, Decatur 

Sherry Adkins, Decatur 

Allie Alex, Philadelphia 

Shanna Alexander, 


Crystal Alford, Morton 

Chad Anderson, Philadelphia 
Heather Anderson, Philadelphia 
Laurie Aregood, Madison 
CAtherine Arlington, Newton 
Melanie Atkinson, Little Rock 

Anitra Avera, Enterprise 
Allison Bailey, Decatur 
Christina Ballenger, Louisville 
Valerie Barfield, Philadelphia 
Lachae Barrett, Sebastopol 

Rhonda Bates, Forest 
Michelle Beal, Mewton 
Anita Bell, Carthage 
Rosalind Bender, Rose Hill 
Brent Bennett, Union 

Tomeka Bishop, Collinsville 
Jessica Blan, Carthage 
Deloris Blaylock, Newton 
Susan Boatner, Meridian 
Patricia Bolden, Newton 

Jennifer Bounds, Forest 
Benjamin Boyette, Meridian 
Doug Braning, Union 
Amanda Brashear, Union 
Francis Brown, Morton 

W r :'V : /\ 


Kenya Brown, Forest 

Lucas Brown, Carthage 

Mattie Brown, Meridian 

Ilevit Bryan, Philadelphia 

Allen Buckley, Brandon 

William Burnside, Philadelphia 

Sonja Butler, Decatur 

Ashley Bryan, Sebastopol 

Timothy Cager, Union 

Shena Calhoun, Ludlow 

Marva Cavenaugh, Chunky 

Sasya Champion, Little Rock 

Haley Chance, Forest 

Mandy Chaney, Philadelphia 

Ashley Chase, Brandon 

LaBreeska Chesney, little Rock 

Patty Chickaway, Connehatta 

Juanita Chisolm, Lena 

Celesta Clark, Chunky 

Edna Clark, Meridian 

Joy Clark, Newton 

Leslie Cleveland, Decatur 

Suzette Cocker, Little Rock 

Amanda Coghlan, Philadelphia 

Wesley Coleman, Louisville 

Dustin Comas, Sebastopol 

Heather Compton, 


William Compton, Sebastopol 

Courtney Cooper, Forest 

Stacy Cotten, Decatur 


Brandi Crowell, Louisville 
Sheila Curry, Mewton 
Tammy Cutway, Duffee 


simp; »,, 

Adam Daniel, Louisville 
David Daniel, Tuscaloosa, AL 
Jennifer Davidson, Union 
Melinda Davidson, Carthage 
Lakisha Davidson, newton 

Nickie Dean, Newton 
Alex Dees, Philadelphia 
Larry Derrick, Forest 
Amanda Dolon, Sebastopol 
Mark Eakes, Philadelphia 

Lawanda Ealy, Forets 
Cassie Eavs, Louisville 
Qwen Edwards, Noxapater 
Robert Edwards, Louisville 
Mark Engram, Conehatta 

Alice Estes, Little Rock 
Chafony Evans, Newton 
Pamela Evans, Newton 
Sarah Evans, Union 
Brad Farley, AL 

Raquel Farmer, Philadelphia 
Patrick Ferris, Clinton 
Janet Flowers, Carthage 
Robert Ford, Newton 
Timothy Foreman, Little Rock 

Rebekah Franklin, Union 

Kristi French, Union 

Beckie Fulton, Carthage 

Jason Gaines, Decatur 

Jennifer Gaines, Decatur 

Michelle Gaines, Decatur 

Carmen Germany, Union 

Emily Germany, Union 

Belinda Gibson, Union 

Sharon Gibson, Meridian 

Jeffrey Gladney, Lake 

Tracy Goodin, Noxpater 

Adrin Goodin, Meridian 

Ashley Gullette, Lake 

Lynn Gunn, Enterprise 

Hick Hall, Philadelphia 

Heather Hamilton, Newton 

Jeannie Hannah, Forest 

Audrey Haralson, Lake 

Ellis Harrison, Walnut Grove 

Carmen Hardy, Philadelphia 

Jonathan Hardy, Philadelphia 

Shonette Harper, Forest 

Chris Harrell, Edinburg 

Demarius Harris, Philadelphia 

Mark Harris, Philadelphia 

Joycelyn Harvey, Morton 

Dei Hayman, Meridian 

Veronica Haynes, Louisville 

Tesa Henry, Forest 


Amy Herrington, Louisville 
Wendy Hester, Carthage 
Ree Hickman, Louisville 
Demond Hill, Louisville 
Amanda Hillman, Carthage 

Kenneth Hines, Forest 
Penny Hisaw, Decatur 
Robert Hodgins, Philadelphia 
Stacy Hogue, Little Rock 
Megan Holder, Bay Springs 

Elesha Hopkins, Meridian 
Mykela Home, Philadelphia 
Allison Housley, Morton 
Eric Houston, Meridian 
Jackie Hoye, Decatur 

Xavier Hughes, Louisville 
Tacorey Humes, Louisville 
Mindy Hutchison, Carthage 
Tiffany Hutchins, Carthage 
Katrina Hyde, Louisville 

Carta Jacome-Cluff, Newton 
Angela Jayroe, Louisville 
Alicia Jenkins, Lake 
Ann Johnson, Newton 
Anthony Johnson, Newton 

Emily Johnson, Philadelphia 
Karen Johnson, Morton 
Perry Johnson, Lena 
Jason Johnston, Decatur 
Alisa Jones, Union 


Jessie Jones, Newton 

Millesa Jones, Bay Springs 

Misty Jones, Louisville 

Pamela Jones, Morton 

Stephen Joyner, Union 

Andrew Kelly, Edinburg 

Brooke Kennedy, 


Lasonya Kincaid, Carthage 

Tanequa Kirkland, 


Samuel Knight, Louisville 

Richard Lancaster, Iiewton 

Ronda Lashley, Union 

Keisha Latham, Carthage 

Tracy Latham, Forest 

Spense Latimer, 


Ashley Lay, Anahuac, TX 

Charles Leflore, Carthage 

Durwik Lewis, Meridian 

Scott Livingston, Louisville 

Shirley Loper, Decatur 

Lee Luke, Louisville 

Alonzie Lyles, Morton 

Franceania Lyles, Newton 

LaShanta Lyles, Ludlow 

Mary Lynch, Noxapater 

Brandon Jones, 


Christy Jones, Lake 

Derrick Jones, Iiewton 




Melissa Madden, Union 
T.J. Madison, Philadelphia 
Leslie Mangrum, Union 
Adam Mann, Philadelphia 
Cedric Martin, Philadelphia 

Jon Martin, Philadelphia 
Leah Massey, Philadelphia 
Theresa Matlock, Union 
Tracey May, Forest 
Trade May, Decatur 

Brent McAdory, Noxapater 
Melissa McClelland, Meridian 
Fred McClelland, Meridian 
Ashley McDill, Decatur 
Shameka McDonald, Union 

Shanna McKee, Sebastopol 
Kristina McMillan, Lake 
Robert McQueen, Louisville 
Craig McRae, Carthage 
Chase Measells, Morton 

David Middleton, Carthage 
Kristen Mills, Newton 
Sincere Moncrief, Mewton 
Paula Monk, Sebastopol 
Alexander Moore, Lake 

Kamina Moore, Louisville 
Teresa Moore, Carthage 
Kendra Morgan, Lake 
Harveeta Mosley, Meridian 
Denar Muhammad, Chicago, IL 


Vererly Murrell, Sebastopol 

Derrick Nash, Philadelphia 

Jana Nester, Lake 

Lance Noel, Forest 

Rita riunn, Noxapater 

Huellen Nutt, Morton 

Jonathan Nutt, Morton 

Randall Orr, noxapater 

Macree Overstreet, liewton 

Stephen Pace, Morton 

Lori Palmer, Louisville 

Brandi Parker, Philadelphia 

Stephanie Parrott, Lena 

LaDonna Pattie, Louisville 

Carina Patrick, Forest 

Kymberly Patrick, Union 

John Perdeye, Philadelphia 

Jewett Perkins, Edinburg 

William Perkins, Forest 

Rena Perry, Louisville 

Lacretia Pierce, Union 

Amy Pigg, Edinburg 

Ed Porter, Jr., Morton 

Jennifer Potvine, Louisville 

Lisa Price, Carthage 

Nancy Pugh, Newton 

Chris Quails, Newton 

Erica Ramage, Koscuisko 

Cory Rawson, Carthage 

Chris Ray, Donaldsonville, AL 


Beverly Reynolds, Noxapater 
Aleisa Richardson, Union 
Virginia Rigby, Forest 
Kelly Rigdon, Union 
Leslie Risher, Pulaski 

Latoya Roberts, Forest 
Joseph Robertson, Morton 
Eunice Robinson, Newton 
Stephanie Robinson, Newton 
Brenda Rose, Decatur 

Beverly Rush, Philadelphia 
Latoya Rush, Louisville 
Angela Rushing, Sebastopol 
Penny Russell, Decatur 
Josh Sanders, Duffee 

Sheila Sanders, Sebastopol 
Jennifer Savell, Lake 
Robert Savell, Lake 
William Savell, Lake 
Marissa Shannon, Philadelphia 

Justin Sharp, Harperville 
Nathan Shaw, Philadelphia 
Melissa Shelby, Enterprise 
Dameyon Sheilds, Louisville 
Lance Sigrest, Forest 

Lakesh Simms, Jasper 
Stacy Skinner, Union 
Staci Slayton, Enterprise 
Andrew Smith, Enterprise 
Joann Smith, Conehatta 


Kimberly Smith, Union 

Paul Smith, Morton 

Tenisha Smith, Carthage 

Tywan Stafford, New York 

Bridgette Stamper, Decatur 

Leanne Stampley, Hickory 

Lea Ann Stevens, Decatur 

Dawn Stevenson, Louisville 

Ben Stewart, Forest 

Melissa Stewart, Carthage 

riekki Stiles, Lena 

Amanda Stokes, Meridian 

Brandy Stokes, Philadelphia 

Chris Stokley, Morton 

Esther Stovall, Philadelphia 

Val Stribling, Chicago, IL 

Mikki Sullivan, Louisville 

Connie Tew, Forest 

Amos Thames, Newton 

Carolyn Thames, Decatur 

Paula Thomas, Morton 

Tyler Thomas, Chunky 

Christopher Thompson, Forest 

Elizabeth Thompson, Forest 

Neil Thornton, Union 

Melissa Till, Pelahatchie 

Joseph Tingle, Philadelphia 

Sharonda Triplett, 


Kelly Tucker, Carthage 

Krystie Turner, Philadelphia 


Cynthia Vasquez, Philadelphia 
Gaeriel Velasco, Venezuela 
Tonya Viverette, Walnut Qrove 

Angela Walker, Louisville 
Shalene Walker, Forest 
Marci Wall, Forest 
April Wallace, Forest 
Jason Wallace, Louisville 

Otis Wallace, Mewton 
Heather Warren, Morton 
Dmytris Watkins, Forest 
Kyle Watson, Philadelphia 
Robyn Watts, Union 

Amanda Way, Mewton 
Chris Weems, riewton 
Tommie Wells, Forest 
Jamie White, Forest 
Kenneth White, Newton 

Margaret White, Philadelphia 
Yolanda Whitfield, Newton 
Michael Wilcher, Edinburg 
Betty Wilkerson, Lawrence 
Joe Wilkes, Noxapater 

Natasha Williams, Philadelphia 
Kevin Willis, Philadelphia 
Allen Wilson, Newton 
Rameisia Wilson, Philadelphia 
Audrey Windham, Newton 



Lori Winstead, Forest 

James Wood, Memphis, TM 

Stacey Woodard, Louisville 

Ricco Wraggs, Louisville 

Jana Wylie, Louisville 

Danielle Yarbrough, 


Tara Yarbrough, 


rXCC Warrior, 












Awards Day 

UM Scholarships: (seated from L) Ragan 
Mitchell. Mandy Burt, Brad Creel, Danna Dye 
(standing from L) Laura Faulk, Jade Parkes, 
and Missy Reid, UM Admissions Counselor 

Special Award Winners: (seated from L) Craig 
McRae. Don Nance, Laura Shows, Chris 
Weems, Cody Fisher, Scicile Wilkerson, Benita 
Atkinson (standing from L) Patricia Hathom, 
Latoya Loper. Malinda Melton. Jade Parkes, 
Susan Staton, Erica Pike Flake, Denise Willis, 
75 Ken Russell, and Ginger Moore 

^DSU Scholarships: (seated from left) Alicia 
Jordan, Natalie Vowell, Amy Rogers, and Gin- 
ger Moore (standing from left) Laura Ming, 
Conine Chambliss, Courtney Wilcher, Laneez- 
er Carter, Joy Johnson, and DSU Academic 
Counselor Lajan Palmer 

tMSU Scholarships: (seated from L) Stephanie 
Bugg, Corinne Chambliss, Danna Dye, Cody Fisher, 
Margaret Greer, Linzy Gressett, Neil Hansford, and 
Amanda McMillan (standing from L) Jonathan Mills, 
B.J. Morrow, Laura Ming, Lisa Price, Vanessa 
Sanders, Katie Stokes, Donna Tucker, Natalie Vow- 
ell, Courtney Wilcher, Scicile Wilkerson, Laura 
Faulk, and John Dickerson, MSU Associate Director 
of Enrollment Services 

tUSM Transfer Scholarships: (seated from 
L) Candice Butler, Jessica Wright, Christina 
Pearce, Lwe Dotzauer (standing from L) 
Jennifer Pace. Shelley McKinley. Phillip 
Smith - also received LSM Eddie Smith Pres- 
idential Scholarship. Betina Latiker. and 
USM Admissions Counselor Jennifer Gres- 


ECCC Alumni Memorial Awards: (seated from L) 
Brock Lillis, Crystal Gee, Robert Evans, Cody Fish- 
er, Joan Mulford, Neil Hansford (standing from L) 
Veronica Hayes, Lori Darsey, Jonathan Mills, Ray 
Waddell, Quintina Edwards, Jennifer Pace*- 

Vocational Awards: (from L) Eric Rush, cabinet- 
making; Rody Willis, carpentry; Regina Buckley 
and Viola Dade, cosmetology; Aaron Dale Bur- 
keen, welding and cutting; Tracy Warren, 
licensed practical nursing and "Vocational Stu- 
dent of the Year"* 

Technical Awards: (seated from L) Marcus Ellis, 
collision repair; George Parks, automotive; Cindy 
Hornesbuger, child development; Kendall 
Hoskin and Catherine York, computer; Eddie 
Jenkins, electronic (standing from L) Tomi Mize, 
heating/air conditioning; Derek Burton, machine 
shop; Kim Hollingsworth, O.L. Newell Drafting; 
Michael Roland and Tracy Kilpatrick, surgical 
tech; Betina Latiker, "Technical Student of the 

^Faculty Memorial Awards: (seated from L) 
Ginger Moore, Don Nance, Robin Zieminick, 
Justin Sharp (standing from L) Stephanie 
Evans, Chris Weems, Rosemary McArthur 

-■ mm'Tiii 

Special Honorees: (seated from L) Neil Hansford, Tami 
Phillips, Vanessa Sanders, Chas Evans, Amanda McMil- 
lan, Joseph Tucker, Kimberiy Patrick (standing from L) 
Sharonda Triplett, David Daniel, Amy Arthur, Jennifer 
Alford, Donna Tucker, Ashley McDill, Craig McRae, Bran- 
di Duncan. 


Artful Magic 

Many people buy into the stereotype: small town — small school 
— small minds. Looking for stimulating ideas? Don't go there. 
Hoping to stretch your imagination? Forget that place. 

It H ould be easy, at first glance, to "write off" East Central in just 
this way. Doing so, however, would be a mistake. Just ask Bruce 
Guraedy and Todd Eldridge, wizards of the EC art department. 

From a bare-bones endeavor with a meager budget and skimpy 
curriculum Guraedy has in the past twenty-five years built a 
department that boasts three fully equipped art labs, diverse 
course offerings, six scholarships for deserving students, two to 
five art shows per year, and a community service through multi- 
media workshops and Kids' College. The Chair of the Division of 
Fine Arts and an art instructor, Guraedy brings considerable 
expertise to the creation and maintenance of a healthy art pro- 
gram: he is co-founder and a charter member of the Mississippi 
Community /Junior Art Instructors Association, a member of and 
critique artist for the Clay Bluff Art Association, a member of and 
program coordinator for the Central Mississippi Artist Guild, and 
a member of the Mississippi IVatei color Society. His work has won 
numerous awards, and two of his paintings are part of the Missis- 
sippi Artists Permanent Collection in the Mississipi Museum of Art 
in Jackson. 

Todd Eldridge, Guraedy's partner in artistic light and magic, also 
brings impressive credentials to the classroom. His work has been 

featured in twelve regional group exhibitions and competitions in 
the last ten years and has won several awards, including an Award 
of Exellence in the 1994 Mississippi Collegiate Art Competition 
He has studied in Italy and was recently nominated to serve on 
the board of the Meridian Museum of Art. Eldridge "savor(s) the 
prospect of inspiring students" as they explore inner space 
through the arts; he and Guraedy agree that the art classroom is 
"never boring." 

Helping students recognize and develop their artistic potential; 
however, does have one disadvantage for these devoted instruc 
tors: less time for their own work. It's not surprising, then, that i 
year's paid leave of absence from the classroom would be a dreatr 
come true for both men. "I would probably try to paint a picture 
everyday," says Guraedy, while Eldridge and his family woulc 
head to Cortona, Italy, to "explore and create" while beinc 
"immersed in (the) mature and artistically aware cultures" o 

Imagination? Stimulation? Encouragement to "be all you can be" 
Look no further than Bruce Guraedy's ceramics lab or Todc 
Eldridge's design class. Attend an EC art show. Enrol you 
nephew in a Kids' College art class. 

There's magic in the air. 




Honors and Achievements 

He can tell you how to handle the hydrogen generated by waste 
water treatment plants. 

He can describe an evening with "Beautiful People" like Jennifer 
Lopez and Wesley Snipes. 

He knows the answer to the question: 
to City College?" 

Which subway train takes us 

He is Brad Creel — and though he's NOT a contestant on Who Wants 
To Be a Millionnaire, he is a former ECCC student whose summer in 
New Y ork enables him to answer all of the above. 

Creel, a 1 999 honor, was one of nine students selected nationwide 
for a summer research project at City College of New York. With the 
guidance of Dr. Teresa Bandosz of Poland and other professors from 
Iran, the Ukraine, and Lebanon, Creel and his colleagues researched 
solutions for a problem in environmental chemistry. While in New 
York, Creel stayed at The International House, a Rockefeller-built 
facility for national and international students, which gave him a 
wonderful "opportunity to meet people and cultivate friendships ... 1 
still keep in contact with friends I made from all over the world." 

HEADWAE Teacher and Student: 
Mr. Leonard Barrier and Chris Weems 

Dr. Thomas Key, selected to Jan Addy presents Dr. Eddie M. Smith 

Who's Who in the World 2000 

the "Citizen of the Year" award. 


ASINEC Hall of Fame: 
Erica Flake and Crist Bowen 

Tommy Malone (center) is EC's first graduate of the fire protection technolc 
gy program. Gene Davis (left) and Dr. Eddie M. Smith (right) congratulat 

Tip Murchison 

David Daniel 

Kyle Watson 

Football All-Stars: from L: Samuel Agee, Ti Gar- 
ner, Josh Jones 2nd row: David Daniel. Steve 
Henley, Chris Ray, Jamie Nichols 

ECCC Football Awards: from L: Samuel Agee, 
Josh Jones, Steve Henley, Freeman Jimison 2nd 
row: David Daniel, James Keyes, Chris Weems, 
IMicahcl Beal, Kyle Watson 

Hutchinson Scholarship recipients Vivian Taylor 
(far left) and Scott Livingston (far right) are 
shown with ECCC alumni Myrtle R. Hutchinson 
and S. Lebrun Hutchinson 

Nikki Parson (center) was presented the MS Associ- 
ation of Supervisors scholarship by the Winston 
County Board of Supervisors 


aiuej jo ||bh * aiuej jo ||bh * awBj jo ||bh * auiej jo ||bh * auisj jo ||bh i 

* 3 

I Hall of Fame I 































Cristy is a very dedicated and active supporter of East Central. She works very hard at what- 
ever she does. She is not satisfied with just "getting by," but maintains a 3.7 GPA while being 
a full-time mother and wife. She is one of the many nontraditional students who have chosen 
to further their education or receive additional degrees at East Central. Cristy has a Bachelor 
of Arts degree in Human Growth and Development from Christian Brothers University in Mem- 
phis, Tenn. She has chosen nursing as her carer path and East Central to provide the training 
necessary to be successful in that profession. Cristy works part time at the Heart Institute at 
St. Dominic's Medical Center in Jackson. With all the responsibilities of home, family, and 
work, Cristy has excelled academically and participates in student organizations, as well as 
attend activities of her children. Cristy has proven to be a dependable, trustworthy, achieving 
student with East Central in mind. She is a member of the Association of Student Nurses of 
ECC and Associate Degree Nursing Alumni Association. She is also a member of Phi Theta 
Kappa, a Dean's List Scholar, Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges, Board of Directors 
of the Mississippi Association of Student Directors, Association of Student Nurses Hall of 
Fame, and an AU-American Scholar. 




^aujBj |o ||bh * aoiBj jo hbh * aujBj jo hbh * auiej j.o hbh * auiBj ±o hbh 


3UIBJ io ||B(-( * auiej jo ||bh * auiej jo ||BH * aiuej jo ||bh * auiB j jo ||bh * 

* I 














Nykela Home 

Nykela is an outstanding and intelligent young lady. From the moment she arrived at East Cen- 
tral, she became involved in various organizations. She is a great recruiter for ECCC. Nykela 
is also well-rounded and captivating. Her maturity, work ethics, character, and Christian 
morals are beyond reproach and are rarely found in today's youth. She carries a 4.0 GPA, is 
active in several student organizations, works about 20 hours a week, and plays piano for her 
church. She has a quiet confidence about her and leads by example. rNykela is a member of 
the ECCC cheerleading squad, and Student Education Association. She is secretary of SEA, 
scholarship recipient, Ail-American Scholar, National Minority Leadership Award, Phi Theta 
Kapa, Warrior Corps, President's List Scholar, Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges, 
freshman class favorite, and freshman homecoming maid. 















auiej jo j|BH * auiej jo jjbh * aitiej jo hbh * auic j jo ijbh * auiej jx> \\eu 






auiej jo ||bh * auiBj jo |jbh * auiBj jo jibh * auiej jo ||bh * auiBj jo ||bh J 





























Craig McRae 

From his participation in Phi Theta Kappa to his serving as a technician for the Collegians, 
Craig is involved in many aspects of campus life at East Central. He has received many acad- 
emic awards and scholarships and was most recently nominated for the USA All-Academic 
Team, a highly prestigious honor. His dependability and loyalty are noteworthy. He is 
extremely intelligent as evidenced by his 3.7 GPA in computer engineering. No one is more 
dedicated and a believer of ECCC's philosophy than Craig. He is a model student and citizen. 
Craig is a conscientious, responsible student who is respected by both his peers and instruc- 
tors. He not only exhibits strong leadership qualities but also good study habits and exem- 
plary character. Craig has maintained an excellent academic record and at the same time has 
spent numerous hours fulfilling the duties that accompany the variety of activities which he 
participates. He has made a positive contribution to East Central and will be highly success- 
ful in the future. Craig is a member of the Wall O' Sound, Concert Band, Collegians, Percus- 
sion Band, Stage Band, Mu Alpha Theta, Alpha Alpha Epsilon, Dormitory Council, and Intra- 
mural sports. He has received numerous awards: Warrior Corps, Phi Tehta Kappa, secretary of 
Mu Alpha Theta, president of Phi Theta Kappa, president of Alpha Alpha Epsilon, president of 
President's Council, Scholars Bowl, Mathemtics Award, Margaret Mosal Leadership Award, 
Dean's List Scholar, President's List Scholar, USA All-Academic Team nominee. Who's Who 
Among American Junior Colleges, and National Collegiate Engineering Award. 













^aujBj j.o [|bh * aoiBj jo ||bh * atusj jo hbh * aujBj jo ||bh * auiBj jo ||bh 


auie j jo ||bh * aoiBj jo ||bh * auiBji jo ||bh * auJBj jo ||bh * atuBj jo ||bh * 

William Savell 

William loves East Central and is a terrific person who always has a smile on his face. He is a 
fine Christian young man who cares deeply for his fellow students. William always has a kind 
word to say even in times of trouble. He is very involved in student activities and is willing to 
serve. William has set goals for himself and will not stop until he has achieved them. Me will 
do anything asked of him to the best of his ability. William is very, very dependable and is a 
pleasure to be around. Everyone knows William. He is certainly the type that is a friend to 
everyone he meets because he has a genuine interest in everyone. He is a mature Christian 
student who has the highest moral character and impeccable integrity. William is a "daily" vol- 
unteer who always seeks you to see what he can contribute. He is involved in many activities 
and also manages to work a part-time job. William is a member of the Wall O' Sound, Baptist 
Student Union, Cocert Choir, and East Central Environmental Club. He is a member of Warrior 
Corps which he serves as secretary. Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges, and an 
honor student. 














auiej jo ||bh * aiuej jo ||bh * aiuej jo ||bh * auiej jo hbh * auisj to hbh * 

* I 
































Staci Slayton 

During her two years a East Central, Staci has been actively involved in many campus organi- 
zations. She has served in various leadership roles, including head cheerleader and sopho- 
more class treasurer. Staci has maintained a 4.0 GPA and is a President's List Scholar. She is 
one who always has a smile on her face, whether she is making her way across campus or o 
the sidelines cheering for the Warrior football team. With her proven leadership, intelligence, 
and charming personality, Staci will be an alumna that East Central can be very proud to 
claim. She has a vivacious personality, and she very enthusiastically and loyally serves her col- 
lege as its spirit leader and recruiter. As one instructor states, "You name it, she's got it — 
sweet personality, friendly, helpful, dependable, and very hard working." Staci is a member of 
East Central's cheerleading squad, Sigma Sigma Mu Tau, Dormitory Council, and Student Body 
Association. She is captain of ECCC cheerleaders, secretary of Dormitory Council, Phi Tehta 
Kappa, President's Council, sophomore class treasurer. Warrior Corps, President's List Schol- 
ar, and Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges 



(r aiuBj jo hbh * auiBj jo ijbh * auuej jo hbh * auiBj jo hbh * aoiBj jo ||bh 


auiB j jo Hen * auiB j jo hbh * auiBj jo hbh ¥ auiB j jo hbh * awBj jo hbh * 


Chris Weems 

Chris is an outstanding goal-driven young man. He is a true scholar athlete. Chris never lets 
athletics get in the way of academics or academics get in the way of athletics. He manages 
his time well. He excelled in football while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Chris has been actively 
involved in numerous campus organizations. Chris is the epitome of the student-athlete. He 
has tremendous work ethics and the drive and determination that will lead him to success in 
his chosen field — engineering. That same drive served him well in athletics. Chris is humble, 
honest polite, and dependable. He is the ideal student and will make a great contribution to 
his chosen field. Chris is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, East Central football 
team and baseball team. Alpha Alpha Epsilon, Nu Alpha Theta, National Society of Profes- 
sional Enginers, and Mississipi Engineering Society. He also is a volunteer for MS Reads Pro- 
gram, Summer Youth Athletic Program, President's List Scholar, Phi Theta Kappa, HEADWAE 
Student of the Year, National Collegiate Engineering Award, Leadership Scholarship, ACT 
Scholarsip, Mathematics Award, J. Andy Miller Freshman Engineering Award, Ail-American 
Scholar, Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges, All-State football team, and a candi- 
date for the All-USA Acdemic team. 



























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Who's Who Among Students in 
American Junior Colleges 

Leake County (Front row, 
from left) Amanda Hillman 
and Kelly Tucker, both of 
Carthage; and (Back row, 
from left) Michael Wilcher, 
Edinburg; and Cliff Edwards 
and Craig McRae, both of 

Neshoba County (Front 
row, from left) Stacy Skin- 
ner and Jennifer Winstead, 
both of Union; and Valerie 
Barfield, Emily Johnson, 
Nykela Home and Jill Gray, 
all of Philadelphia; and (back 
row, from left) T.J. Madi- 
son, Philadelphia; Kyle Wat- 
son, Union; and Josh 
Hardy, Philadelphia. 

Newton County (Front row, 
from left) Ashley McDill, 
Decatur, Heather Hamilton, 
Newton; Betty Wilkerson, 
Lawrence; Jonathan Thome, 
Hickory; Robyn Watts, Union; 
and Allen Wilson, Newton; 
(second row, from left) Car- 
men Germany, Union; Cristy 
Bowen, Decatur; Marva Cave- 
naugh, Chunky; Jennifer 
Guyse, Jessica Guyse and 
Kristen Mills, all of Newton; 
and (back row, from left) 
Robert Savell, Lake; Chris 
Weems, Newton; William 
Savell, Lake; Amanda Harris, 
Hickory; and Bridgette Stam- 
per and Derek Burton, both 
of Decatur. 



>cott County (Front row, 
rom left) Jennifer Bounds, 
"esa Henry and Connie 
'ew, all of Forest; and 
back row, from left) Edd 
'orter and Huellen Mutt, 
>oth of Morton; Qinny 
ligby, Forest; and Justin 
iharp, Harperville. 

Vinston County (Front row, 
rom left) Angela Jayroe, 
xjuisville; and Rita Nunn, 
ioxapater; and (back row) 
Veronica Haynes, Jerry 
lance, and Jana Wylie, all 
)f Louisville. 

Patrick Ferriss of Clinton 

Staci Slayton of Enterprise 

Melissa Till of Pelahatchie 


Dr. Eddie Smith: Fifteen Years of 
Leadership and Dedication 




Administration, Faculty, and Staff 

Betty Adcock 

John Adcock 

Rosemary Adcock 

Michael Alexander 

Al Bailey 

Mitsy Baysinger 

Mary Boulton 

Wanda Brackeen 

Jared Brownlee 

Kathy Buckman 

Brenda Carson 

Tom Carson 

Cathy Carucci 

James Clark 

Richard Clark 

Tommy Clopton 

Gene Davis 

Patti Davis 

Ron Davis 

Dana Dear 

Lamar Dearing 

Tracy Dearing 

Barbara Deaton 

Jimmy Dempsey 

Stella Dickerson 

Todd Elderidge 

John Everett 

Christy Ferguson 

Tammie Fitzgerald 

Sue Ford 

Cynthia Qaudin 

Carol Germany 

Conrad Germany 

Melanie Gilmore 

Jennifer Gressett 

Bruce Guraedy 

Lanette Hanna 

Jim Hansford 

Carolyn Haralson 

Midge Hedrick 

Dr. Bettye Sue 


Larry Hogue 

Meal Holliman 

Stacey Hollingsworth 

Lila Hunt 

Brenda Johnson 

Bubby Johnston 

Robert Jordan 

Dr. Thomas Key 


Joe Killens 
Tony Kinton 
Brenda Kirby 
Tonya Kirk 
Linda Lane 
Randall Lee 
Rebecca Livingston 

Angela Luke 
Renee Lyles 
Polly Mayes 
Marc McCool 
Maria McLeod 
Linda McKee 
Maxine McKee 

Dr. Lisa McMillin 
Dale McNair 
Gloria McRae 
Lester Miles 
Susan Miles 
Gary Moore 
Patsy Moore 

Mitzi Nicholson 
Derek Pace 
Linda Pierce 
Alice Pouncey 
R.T. Purvis 
Haywood Reeves 
LeeAnn Scoggins 

Wanda Sessions 
Carol Shackelford 
Martha Sibley 
Julie Skinner 
Dr. Eddie Smith 
Emilie Smith 
Melinda Smith 

Sheila Stamper 
Maxine Sullivan 
Dr. Phil Sutphin 
Virgie Thames 
Sandra Thomas 
Thomas Thrash 
Jeannie Vance 

Mickey Vance 
Natalie Vance 
Burma Weidler 
Ronald Westbrook 
Roger Whitlock 
Leesa Wilkinson 
Gail Wood 


Lucille Wood 
Mary Wright 
Karen Yates 

Board of Trustees 

All rows from left: (First row) Prentice Copeland (chairman) of 
Philadelphia, Bill Thames of Newton and Delane Hudson of 
Louisville (Second row) Beverly Hart, Billy Nicholson (vice 
chairman) and Edsel Clibum, all of Union; and Vernon 
Crotwell of Morton (Third row) A.F. Hollingsworth of Lake, W. 
Edward Kitchings of Carthage, Randal Livingston of Louisville 
and Gary McDill of Conehatta (Fourth row) Ramona Adcock of 
Philadelphia, Steve nelson (Neshoba County Superintendent 
of Education), both of Morton; Stanley Salter of Philadelphia 
and Paul Simmons of Louisville (Sixth row) Jerry K. Moore of 
Carthage (Top row) Dale Rogers of Walnut Grove, Tommy Har- 
rison of Forest, Jack Winstead of Lawrence and Dr. John Gar- 
ner (Winston County Superintendent of Education) of 
Louisville. Not pictured are Jerry Nance (secretary) of 
Louisville, Jackie Bradford of Forest, Dr. Danny Lanier of Little 
Rock, Eddie Willis of Philadelphia, and Janie Wilbanks and 
James E. Petty (Leake County Superintendent of Education), 
both of Carthage 


2000 Brings a new Beginning To 

• • • 

Ir. Larry Blackburn: 

Ir. Larry Blackburn joined the staff of ECCC in 1975. He has 
venty-five years of experience with the college, one year as 
related studies instructor, sixteen years as instructor in the 
arpentry and cabinet-making program, six years as work- 
)rce specialist, and one year and eight months as the Direc- 
>r of Workforce Development Mr. Blackburn, a graduate of 
CCC, furthered his education at the University of Southern 
lississippi where he received a BS Degree and the MS Degree 
1 Industrial and Vocational Education. He is a certified train- 
r/facilitator for Phi Theta Kappa, Zinger Miller, and Develop- 
lent Dimension International. He is also a Mississippi Quali- 
! Award Examiner. Before becoming a staff member at 
CCC, he was a building contractor for Blackburn Builders in 

Ir. Raymond McCullan: 

Ir. Raymond McMullan was first employed by ECCC in 1968 
nd has served 32 years with the college. He previously 
erved as Academic Counselor before becoming the Director 
f Admissions, Records, and Research where he has served 
ince 1986. Mr. McMullan is a graduate of ECCC, and he fur- 
lered his education at the University of Southern Mississippi 
fhere he received the BS Degree and the M. Ed. Degree in 
ounseling. He did post-graduate work at the University of 
outhem Mississippi and at Mississippi State University. Prior 
3 becoming a staff member at ECCC, he was employed at 
tecatur High School for a period of nine years where he was 
amed Star Teacher and Most Outstanding Young Educator. 
le served at the college as Director of the Self-Study for SACS 
eaffirmation of Accreditation in 1990 and is presently serv- 
lg as Self-Study Director for the 2000 reaffirmation process. 

!rs. Lois McMullan: 

Irs. Lois McMullan has been a member of the ECCC faculty since 
eptember 1970. Mrs. McMullan attended East Central and fur- 
lered her education at Mississippi College where she received a BS 
egree in Mathematics. She then continued her education at the 
niversity of Southern Mississippi where she received a M. Ed. in 
athematics, and she has furthered her studies at Mississippi State 
niversity. During her career she received the Distinguished Faculty 
ward and was selected as Outstanding Faculty Member for the 
EADWAE Program. She was selected to participate in the Lamp- 
jhters Program and the Leadership Development Program spon- 
>red by Phi Theta Kappa, Mrs. McMullan served as the sponsor of 
le Student Education Association for many years before becoming 
le sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta where she served for 13 years. She 
as served as chair of the Mathetmatics Division for one year. Before 
scorning a faculty member at ECCC, she taught mathematics at 
ecatur High School where she was twice named Star Teacher. 




In the Game . . . 

'I know ... I make this look soooo easy!" 

Swing batter, batter, batter swing! 

Wind that arm! 

Okay, okay, let's not gc 
too excited. 

Ways to relieve stress ... "baseball" style 

Hey Coach, if you don't catch this ball, can we stay 
out past curfew? 

Hmmm, does that 
dirt taste good?! 

Yeah, but I'd much rather batl; 
in it! 


Hurry up, I'm ready! 

That Dana, what a "swinger" 



Hey, quit picking on Ginger! 

Oh, I hope those guys aren't watching 
me run. 

x)ok at Brooke's homerun dance. 

I'm ready when you are. 

l^^^^^VW ^ W^^^W 


Spring Sports Wrap-Up 


The team finished the regular season by 
meeting its primary goal — 17 South Divi- 
son wins. By closing out the season at 1 7- 
7 the Warrior baseball team tied with Gulf 
Coast. The year's non-conference compe- 
tition was the toughest ever. With so 
many freshmen, tough non-conference 
games would strengthen this young team. 
AS Coach Clark stated, "This team worked 
hard and fought through the hard times." 
In 1999, there are 10 returning players 
from last years (1998) MACJS Champion 


ECC's 1999 spring golf team was a very 
hard working group. This was a budding 
year for the team. Because of this, the 
team did not reach competition on the 
state level. At each competition ECCC's 
golf team competed against twelve other 
teams. Coach Clark stated that the team 
lost most of its members upon gradua- 
tion. There was only one returning sopho- 
more. The team finished fifth in Region 23 
Tournament. The five team members were 
Jonathan Mills, Bradley Simmon, Ray Wad- 
dell, Robbie Ford, and Justin Wiliam. 
Although the team is young and inexperi- 
enced for college competition. Coach 
Clark does predict a good team for the 
upcoming year. 



Hiring the off-season, the team played 14 
all games- 6 wins, 6 losses, 2 ties. Off- 
season is dedicated to strengthening and 
:onditioning. The team finished the sea- 
son with a record of 27-25, 1 2- 1 2 in South 
livision play off. There are seven return- 
ng players for the 99-2000 season. This 
s the largest returning members in team 


his year's ECCC Tennis team had a very 
uccessful year. The men's team finished 
kith a 5-9 record, finishing ninth in the 
tate tournament. The women's team fin- 
shed with a record of 6-8, finishing fifth 
n the state, flailey Chance finished third 
n the state. Hailey and Lisa Chesney also 
inished third in doubles. This team also 
>articipated in the ECCC flomecming Ten- 
ds Tournament. The number of team 
Members is at an all time high. 


Warrior Football 

(First row from L) Josh Hardy, Ti Gamer, Steve Henley, Freeman Jimison, Chris Ray, Chris Kyzar, Lacey McBeath, Dewaski Bumside, 
Anthony Homesbuger, D'Angelo Lewis, Douglas Byrd, Tommy Ford, Othese Wells, Chris Weems, Mitchell McKinnon, Chris Hooper. 
(Second row from L) Omar Reinhardt, Rashad Blalock, James Davis, Birchell Robinson, Shondren Lewis, Terrance Wansley, Ben 
Barham, Jamarcus Murray, Michael Beal, Keaton Donald, Dexter Cole, Maurice Patrick, Marcus Johnson, Clint Burkes, Levi Duncan, Lak- 
endrick Houston, and student trainer Perry Johnson. (Third row from L) Anthony Thompson, Curt Blackburn, Ricky Edwards, James 
Keys, Randy Brown, Reggie Cistrunk, Brian Jones, Courtney Steele, Samuel Agee, Jeremy Smith, Randy Brunson, Nathan Johnson, Jer- 
maine Crosby, Justin Proctor, Freddie Woods, Raphael Goodwin, and student trainer Brent Bennett. (Top row from L) managers, Damon 
Hudson, Jerrell Combest, and Michael Thompson; Kyle Watson, Josh Jones, Latarous Washington, Jamie Nichols, Romale Griffin, 
Quentin Bowens, David Daniel, and coaches. 


J.jtiJuMk&Kiii.'i'Mr, ftn ■*'■ ' „■*■>■ ^MJ 



COACHES: (from L) Tim Coats, Steve Kelly, Todd Mangum, Terry Underwood 
(head), Fred Lyons, Tommy Clopton, and athletic trainer Joey McLeod. 


NINGBACKS: (kneeling 
from L) Ti Garner, 
Brandon; Steve Henley, 
Louisville; Tommy Ford, 
Hillcrest (Ala.); Chris 
Weems, Newton (stand- 
ing from L) Mitchell 
McKinnon, Palatica (Fla.); 
Terrance Wansley, New- 
ton County; Jamar- 
cus Murray, Tuscaloosa 
County (Ala); Curt Black- 
bum, Newton County; 
and offensive coordina- 
tor and running backs 
coach, Tim Coats. 

(kneeling from L) Josh 
Hardy, Philadelphia; Free- 
man Jimison, Meridian; 
D'Angelo Lewis and 
Douglas Byrd (NC); 
Othese Wells, Tusca- 
loosa Central (Ala); Chris 
Hooper, North Springs 
(Ga.) (standing from L) 
Rashad Blalock, Union; 
James Davis, Boiling 
Springs (SC); Birchell 
Robinson, Forest; Michael 
Beal, South Leake; Keat- 
on Donald, Noxapater; 
and head coach and 
defensive coordinator, 
Terry Underwood 


LINEBACKERS: (kneeling 
from left) Lacey McBeath, 
South Leake; Shondren 
Lewis, Quitman; Ben 
Barham, Brandon; Mau- 
rice Patrick, Sebastopol 
(standing from left) Levi 
Duncan, Eustis (Fla.); Lak- 
endrick Houston, Louisville- 
Antony Thompson, Early 
County (Qa.); and line- 
backers and special teams 
coach Steve Kelly 

(kneeling from L) Ricky 
Edwards, Louisville; 
James Keys, Collins; 
Brian Jones, Victoria 
(Tx.); Courtney Steele, 
Tuscaloosa County (Ala.) 
(standing from L) Jer- 
maine Crosby, Carthage; 
Freddie Woods, Forest; 
Jamie Nichols, Philadel- 
phia; David Daniel, 
Tuscaloosa County (Ala.); 
and defensive line 
coach Fred Lyons. 


from L) Chris Ray, Seminole County 
(Qa.); Chris Kyzar, Leake Academy; 
Dewaski Bumside and Anthony Hor- 
nesbuger, both of Noxapater; Chris 
Hooper, Iiorth Springs (Qa.); and 
Omar Reinhardt, Newton Conover 
(NC) (standing from L) James Davis, 
Boiling Springs (SC); Dexter Cole and 
Marcus Johnson, both of Neshoba 
Central; Clint Burkes, Scott Central; 
Romale Griffin, Philadelphia; Quentin 
Bowens, Brooks (Ala.), and receivers 
and tight ends coach, Tommy Clopton. 

KICKERS, PUNTERS: (kneeling from 
L) Josh Hardy, Philadelphia; Ti Gar- 
ner, Brandon; Chris Weems, New- 
ton. (Standing from L) Lakendrick 
Houston, Louisville; Nathan John- 
son, East Rankin Academy; Jamie 
Nichols, Philadelphia; and offen- 
sive coordinator and head coach, 
Terry Underwood. 

from L) Randy Brown, Tuscaloosa 
County (Ala.); Reggie Cistrunk, 
Louisville; Samuel Agee, Tusca- 
loosa Central (Ala.); Jeremy Smith, 
Newton County Academy; Randy 
Bruson, Sebastopol; Nathan Johnson, 
East Rankin Academy; (standing 
from L) Justin Proctor, Neshoba 
Central; Raphael Goodwin, Meridi- 
an; Kyle Watson, Neshoba Central; 
Josh Jones, Tuscaloosa Central 
(Ala.); Latarous Washington, Scott 
Central; and offensive line coach, 
Todd Mangum. 



With a New Millennium Conies 

Soccer At ECCC 

"It was fairly exciting to be a part of the first soccer team at ECCC. 
truly be memorable." 

"I got pumped up." 

When I get older this whole experience will 

"It was amazing coming to a town where no one really knows anything about the sport (except] "You can't use 
your hands." 

These athletes — Tim Stewart, Tip IMurchison, and Chris Denney - are describing their one-of-a-kind experiences 
as members of the inaugural soccer team at East Central Community College. With the guidance of Coach Ken- 
neth Thompson, these head-banging Warriors and their teammates brought the spirit of international athletics 
to the college, knowing, as Murchison said, "how this game would change EC forever." 

Creating that change took some doing - like surviving Hell Week, for example. "Everyone actually learned to 
appreciate being able to walk without pain" afterward, noted Jeremy Luke. The team's first game was a resound- 
ing victory - Tim Stewart recalls the way he prepared: "I chased women all morning and then slept for an hour ... 
maybe I should do that more often." Dwight Brannon also had a successful strategy: he "practiced exceptional- 
ly hard, prepared for anything." 

Personally, building support for the team is an important, never-ending goal. "I tell a girl that I know to come 
and watch us play, and then I tell them to bring their friends. The more women, the better. Also I passed out a 
couple of schedules," said Tip Murchison, and Jess Nay told "everyone that asks about soccer that it is fun and 
very challenging." 

Several team members have played the sport for years, and are excited about the challenge that college-level 
soccer provides. There's "more talent on the field," noted Jeremy Luke, "and the game seems to be played at a 
little faster pace." Dwight Brannon agreed, adding that "the competition is always stiff and very close." 

What will the new millennium hold in store for East Central Community College? Predictions can be risky, but a 
sure bet is that the Warrior soccer team will continue to demonstrate sportsmanship and a "can do" attitude - 
qualities that we all should acquire. 

I 10 

I f f i — r ^i 1 " JT' *m 



Cowboys and Cowgirls 

ECCC Rodeo Team: (1" row from L) Ben Lindsey, Forest; Sara Wilson, Mendenhall; Nickie Dean, Newton; Stacy Dial, Livingston, AL; Shav 
Smith, Louisville {2 nd row from L) Matthew Hodum, Mendenhall; Jeremy Sherman, Laurel, Brian Madison, Philadelphia; Corry Manly, Pe 
nington, AL; Sam Crowson, Louisville; Tony Smart, Forest 

STEER clear! 

Ride em cowboy! 



Jamie Clark, Head Coach 

INeal Holliman, Assistant Coach 

Nike Anderson, Coach 

(First row) Kris Moore-Taylorsville; Lee Martin Lake; Charlie Welch Morton; 
Judd Sanborn -Noxapalor; Spence Latimer- Philadelphia; Jim Bob Stamp- 
ley- Hickory. (Second row) Josh Hardy- Philadelphia; Brent Page- Philadel- 
phia; Justin Stovall- Philadelphia; Justin Reed- Louisville; Hall Thompson- 
West Pont; Brad Farley- Tuscaloosa, AL; Jayeson McDonald- Tuscaloosa, 
AL; (Third row) Patrick Ferriss- Clinton; Toby Pinson- Little Rock; Nick 
Wooten- Soso; Chris Weems- Newton; Derian Dotson- Louisville; Judson 
Nowel- Philadelphia; Amos Thames- Newton; (Fourth row) Mario Migliacio- 
Plaquemine, LA; Monte Migliacio- Plaqueine, LA; Brandon Fish- Demopo- 
lis, AL; Daniel Ryan- Tuscaloosa, AL; Allen Buckley- Brandon. 



(First row) Amy Jones and Ashley Jones, both of Forest; Brooke 
Marigold - Louisville; Kristi Moore- Noxapater; LeAnne Stampley- 
Chunky; Holy Turner- Needham, AL; (Second row) Brandy Burnett- 
Louisville; LaBreeska Chesney- Little Rock; Lacey Johnson- Carthage; 
Bridgette Stamper, Stapharie Harber, and Allison Bailey - all of Decatur; 
Amanda Harris- Hickory. 


Jay Bowen (above) coach; tennis- 
men's team members are (from 
left) Dan Tingle, Pete Deweese, 
IVade Hutchins, and Timothy 
Cager. Women's team are (from 
left) Kasey Comans, Courtney 
Cooper, and Jessica Weeks. 

Joe Clark, Golf 

1 14 

Golf team members: (First row from left) Robbie Ford, Josh Burton, Will 
Wade, Jason Myers. (Second row from left) Aral Parkerson. Steven Del- 
laria. Matt Snow, Kris Amis, and Chris Webb. 

House of Hoops 


B V*ETB \1 ! 







1953 I953 \9S3 1955 



Jca \si55. 



1 8 

^Ir Jjj 


iii J _j!r MMm£ 


ECCC Warriors 

(Seated from L) Trainer/manager LeeAnn Pittman of Heidelberg Academy, Shawn Moss of Alleghany High School (VA), 
Arral Parkerson of Neshoba Central, Mile Batalo of Belgrade (Yugoslavia), Kellis Greer of Neshoba Central, Chad 
Clemons of Philadelphia, Matthew Roebuck of Newton County Academy, Stanley Floyd of Forrest City (AR), and stu- 
dent assistant Patrick Wilcher of Edinburg (Standing from L) Head Coach Jay Bowen, Asst. Coach Brad Hodge, Dewayne 
Hughes of Sebastopol, Joe Copeland of Emerson (AR), Kent Chamblee of Leake Academy, Lamond Bowie of Morton, 
Chris Webb of Neshoba Central, Otha Lay of Lake, student assistant Wes Evans of Jackson Academy, and head athletic 
trainer Joey McLeod 


■ 1979 E 



1; A -a 


t = 

•f V; • 



ECCC Lady Warriors 

(Seated, from L) manager Amy Arinder of Morton, Nicole Cox of Lake, Becky Killen of Sebastopol, Latita Ringo 
of Scott Centra], Opal Jones of Scott Central, Jessica Sanders of Edinburg, Leah Fulcher of Winston Academy, 
Margo Porter of Louisville, Alberta Norman of Newton, and Tonya Viverette of South Leake (Standing from L) 
managers Brittany Boney and LeeAnn Pittman, both of Heidelberg Academy, Sasha Lilly of Shelby County (AL), 
Jautesha Crockett of Philadelphia, Anna Udicova of Presov (Slovokia), Tonya Moncrief of Newton, LaShanta Lyles 
of Morton, Stephanie Harber of Forest, and Kristi Moore of Noxapater. Sammy Pace serves as head coach and Brad 
Hodge serves as an assistant. 



^\ ~ 



wi A 




ECCC Diamond Girls 

Thev are arguably the biggest fans of the Diamond Warriors — East Central's baseball team. Selected by interview, they provide suppor 
and unbridled enthusiasm — at the risk of being called "cleat chasers." 

Thev are the EC Diamond Girls — and without them, Warrior baseball just wouldn't be the same. 

Make no mistake: the DCs aren't a pep squad — though encouraging the team is one of their responsibilities. They also catch foul balls 
pick up bats, operate the scoreboard, and work in the concession stand. This kind of support is important, according to Allison Bailey, 
sophomore DG from Decatur, who liked "interacting with other people outside of the classroom." Jerri Lynn Frey of Louisville felt the sam 
way: "Getting to know more people and being there to support my friends" were just two of the advantages of being a Diamond Girl. "(It : 
gives you a chance to represent EC in a positive way," added Bailey. 

Attending the games, clapping, cheering — these are all things that the Warrior baseball team appreciates from the EC community. But th 
Diamond Girls aren't just "come when they can" supporters, and they do more than offer encouragement from the bleachers. They are fan 
in the best sense of the word: consistently loyal, hard-working, and responsible. 


'From Lj 1 Row: Brandy Stokes, Brany Stone, Tameka Bishop, 
Melissa Till, Ashley Vines 2 nd Row: Rebekah Franklin, LeAnn Earls, 
Lisa Price, Mandy Chaney, Ashley McDill 3 rd Row: Manda Harris, 
Heather Hamilton, Heather Warren, Cassi Joiner, Lindsay Hatcher 
4* Row: Kim Coghlan, Ashley Jones, Jennifer Bounds, Mary Gor- 
don, Jerry Frey 5' 1 ' Row: Allison Bailey, Marcie Wall, Jessi Pullin, 
Shelby Withers, Carmen Germany 6' 1 ' Row: Spring Woods, Mary 
Tranum, Holly Preston, Jill Gray, Whitney Jones 7' 1 ' Row: Jana 
Wylie, Bridgette Stamper, Haley Chance, Wendy Huff 

Let's Go, Warriors! 

ECCC Cheerleaders: (in front) Nikki Way, Newton (kneeling from L) Tesa Henry, Forest; Jill Gray, Leake 
Academy; Robyn Watts, Union; Lisa Adcock, Forest; Emily Johnson, Neshoba Central; and Staci Slayton, 
Enterprise (standing from L) Chris Van Etten, Scott Central; Nykela Home and Bryan Madison, both of 
Neshoba Central; Gina Wall, West Lauderdale; Jeremy Saenz, Aldine High School, Houston, TX; Erin 
Boswell and Kevin Cutrer, both of Neshoba Central; and Amy Arinder and Lee Thompson, both of Morton. 
Kim Mi 


Who Do You Call? 

"Jeannie, I'm sorry to do this on such short notice, but I HAVE 
to have these copies for class in fifteen minutes!" 

"HELP, R.T.! My computer wont print to the Communica- 
tions Office!" 

"I'm trying to reach Admissions — can you connect me?" 

The dedicated staff members of the Communications and Tech- 
nology Management Offices hear pleas like these every day — 
no surprise there. What IS surprising is how they handle them. 

We might be naive enough to assume that Barbara Deaton and 
Jeannie Vance, faculty secretaries in the Communications 
Office, have a relatively easy job: making photocopies, distrib- 
uting mail, typing, manning the college switchboard. A visit to 
the office however, soon reveals the truth — these women are 
two of the unsung heroes of East Central Community College. 

"I love being around the people," says Jeannie Vance with a 
smile, and her co-worker echoes the sentiment: "I've enjoyed 
getting to know (the faculty) and helping them when I can." 
The challenge? Deaton's answer is an incredible understate- 
ment: "Our office really gets hectic at times." Their response? 
Like genuine steel magnolias, Vance and Deaton remain calm, 
smile sweetly, and GET THE JOB DONE. Their gentle deter- 
mination is inspirational, but the women see room for improve- 
ment. "I wish I had more patience," sighs Vance, while Deaton 

longs for "more self-discipline." 

Calmness and persistence are also watchwords for the Technol- 
ogy Management team as they assist administration, faculty and 
staff with one hurdle after another. Each day presents new and 
intriguing tasks. "Technology is never static," notes David 
Case, the director, who finds that "fitting technology to people, 
not people to technology" is an exciting challenge. Meeting the 
demands of a college that is increasingly "online" can be stress- 
ful, but R.T. Purvis, the team's technical specialist, likes "being 
able to move around campus and interacting with the various 
people that are on campus," and Derek Pace, the assistant direc- 
tor, enjoys "providing the college's different departments with 
the information they need." The staff clerk, Angela Luke, 
agrees, "(It's) the variety." Luke speaks for the entire team when 
she adds that her goal is "to do the best job I possibly can." 

We've all heard the adage, "Those who can, do; those who 
can't, teach." The hardworking women and men of the Com- 
munications and Technology Management Offices prove just 
how false this statement is, however. Without their skills and 
willingness to help, East Central's progress would grind to a 
halt; without their friendly smiles and thoughtful efforts, the 
college would be a less pleasant workplace. 

They DO the college's work 
it well. 

and they TEACH us how to do 

Communications: (seated) Jeannie Vance and (standing) Barbara Deaton 


Mike Dearing, Physical Plant Manager 

Maintenance: Day Shift 

Technology Management: (from L) Derek Pace, Asst. 
Director; Angela Luke, Secretary; R.T. Purvis, Informa- 
tion Technology Specialist; David Case, Director 


Support Staff: Trainers 

Joey McLeod, Athletic Trainer 

Leann Pittman, Student Trainer 

Brent Bennett, Student Trainer 


Perry Lane Johnson, Student Trainer 

Support Staff: Managers 

Jareel Combest, Football 

Amy Arinder, Girls' Basketball 

Patrick Wilcher, Mens' Basketball 

Kittie Wilson, Girls' Basketball Wes Evans, Mens' Basketball Damon Hudson, Football 

Michael Thompson, Football 

Opal Jones, Girls' Basketball 



BSU: From L: (1st row) Qinny Rigby, president; Ashley 
Lay, council; Pam Jones, council; Shalene Walker, coun- 
cil; Tracy Latham, council; Jewett Perkins, council; Mick 
Hall, council (2nd row) Ben Stewart, Laura Shows, Haley 
Leach, Andrew Kelly, Lachae Burrett, Jennifer Crabtree 
(3rd row) Michael Wilcher, Edd H. Porter, Jr., Cary Brown, 
Ashli Craig, Dmytris Watkins, Sasha Lilly, Jessica Sanders, 
Catina Patrick 

WESLEY: From L: (1st row) Emily Boggan, riikki Pear- 
son Justin Reed (2nd row) Natalie Boggan, Marcie Brei- 

FCA: From L: (1st row) Kristi Moore, riikki Pearson, Sarah 
Johnson, Jerri Lynn Frey, Emily Boggan, Mary Tranum, 
Natalie Boggan (2nd row) Hal Thompson, Brett Smith, 
Justin Reed, Kris Moore, Ti Garner, Patrick Ferriss (3rd 
row) Kyle Watson, David Ryan, Chris Weems, Brad Farley, 
Brandon Fish 

SEA: (in alphabetical order) Sandie Adcock, Sherri 
Akins, Frances Brown, Laura Chamblee, Nicole Cham- 
bers, Sasya Champion, Heather Compton, Sarah 
Evans, Carmen Germany, Nykela Home, Peggy 
Humphries, Alicia Jenkins, Pam Jones, Sonya Kincaid, 
Brent Madden, Leah Massey, Ashley McDill, Lacretia 
Pierce, Melanie Robinson, Angie Rush, Keitha Smith, 
Dan Tingle, Mindy White 


PHI THETA KAPPA: From L: (1st row) Tommie Wells, Lisa 
Price, Craig McRae, president; Laura Shows, vice-president 
scholarship; Robyn Watts, v.p. fellowship; Tracy Latham, 
v.p. service, Connie Tew, v.p. leadership; Qinny Rigby, trea- 
surer; Amy Arthur, secretary; Kristen Mills, reporter; 
Stephen Pace, historian; Nykela Home (2nd row) Ti Gamer, 
Jill Gray, Nickie Dean, Edd H. Porter, Jr., Stacy Cotten, Jes- 
sica Blan, Penny Russell, Mo Rose, Jennifer Quyse, Alicia 
Jenkins, Natasha Williams (3rd row) Rhonda Bates, Aman- 
da Stokes, Stacy Skinner, Kristi French, Chris Weems, Kyle 
Watts, Patrick Ferriss, Sam Knight, Lance Noel, Mattie 
Brown, Jessica Quyse, Kendra Morgan 

MU ALPHA THETA: From L: (1st row) Jill Gray, LeeAnne 
Earls, Kristi French, president; Craig McRae, secretary; 
Connie Tew, reporter; Ginny Rigby, project com. chair- 
person; Emily Boggan, Natalie Boggan, Ashley Deel, Kelli 
Harris, Mrs. McMullan, sponsor (2nd row) Lisa Price, Valar- 
ie Barfield, Stacy Skinner, Laura Shows, Tracy Latham, 
Nickie Dean, Ben Dear, Edd H. Porter, Jr., Amy Hatch, 
Mae Walker, Sarah Johnson (3rd row) Lance Noel, Nick 
Barham, Andrew Kelly, Ramona Corkem, Dustin Addy, 
Michael Wilcher, Kristin Cleveland, Kristy Haygood, Brid- 
get Minor, Johnny Cook, Chris Weems 

SIGMA MU TAU: From L: (1st row) Erica Ramage, Penny ALPHA ALPHA EPSILON: From L: (1st row) Mr. Reeves, 

Russell, Shalene Walker, Michael Wilcher, president- 
Lisa Adcock, vice-president; Jerri Lynn Frey, Karmen 
Jones, Leslie Bryan (2nd row) Nick Barham, Kristi 
French, Dustin Addy, Bridget Minor, Lance Noel, Aman- 
da Stokes, Brandi Adcox, Kim Coghlan, Shelby Withers 
(3rd row) Kevin Cutrer, Josh Fitch, Chris Marble, Josh 
Hoening, Wendy Huff, Ben Dear, Bobby Hall, Ron 
Davis, sponsor 

sponsor; Brett Hollingsworth, Ashley Jones, Josh McNeill, 
Mrs. McRae, sponsor (2nd row) Craig McRae, president; 
Chris Weems, vice-president; Sam Knight, secretary/trea- 
surer; Laura Shows, social 


PHI BETA LAMBDA: From L: (1st row) Sheila Curry, Shawn West, Qinny Rigby, Connie Tew, 
Tracy Latham, Margaret Mott (2nd row) Stacy Cotten, Krystie Turner, president; T.J. Madison, 
vice-president; Betty Wilkerson, secretary; Jennifer Winstead, treasurer; Vilinda Hannah, 
reporter; Pamela Evans, Samantha Taylor (3rd row) Lana Kay Smith, Lacy Sharp, Jackie 
Hoye, Vickie Lacey, Jessica Johnson, Patty Chickaway, Rebecca Bradshaw, Deborah Lucroy, 
Rebecca Massengale, Jennifer Quyse, Shanna McKee (4th row) Catina Patrick, Stacy Hogue, 
Debby Robinson, Leanne Stevens, Nicole Nicholson, Kim Brackeen, Kris Davidson, Mark Har- 
ris, Mo Rose, Stephanie Robinson. Sponsors are Breland, Johnson, and Bullock. 

PASTE: From L: (1st row) Mary Tingle, president; 
Chafony Evans, vice-president; Carolyn Skinner, sec- 
retary; Angie Wesley, reporter; Shonette Harper, co- 
reporter (2nd row) Nancy Pugh, Tiffany Hutchins, 
Ree Hickmon, Mattie Brown, Paula Thomas, Audrey 
Windham. Sponsor is Mary Ann Wright. 

SADD: From L: (1st row) Pamela Jones, president- 
Stacy Hogue, vice-president; April Wallace, secre- 
tary; Kelly Tucker, reporter (2nd row) Dmytris 
Watkins, Franco Brown, Shalene Walker, Rhea 
Ann Thomas, Rhonda Bates, Chris Church, Lee 
Luke. Not pictured Keneen Childress. 


9 LPN HOSA: From L (1st row) Ellen McDill, Martha 
Wood, representative; Jennie Jenkins, Sharon Gib- 
son, rep.; Rachael Dunn, Miranda Davis (2nd row) 
Michelle Gray, Shenika nelson, Leslie Risher, Mary 
Chevenak, Aaron Hines, Melanie Fanguy, Mary Diane 
Johnson, Kathy Buckman, advisor 

SURGICAL TECH HOSA: From L (1st row) Lori 
Hollingsworth, representative; Cynthia Hoskins, rep.; 
Esther Gallaspy, rep.; Mistie Lindsey, Charity Peebles 
(2nd row) Janice Jacobs, advisor; Deidre Arlington, 
Cynthia Cistrunk, William Perkins, Edie Clay, Sheila 
Baysinger, Gloria Carter 

NATIVE AMERICAN: From L: (1st row) Kelly Denson, 
president; Pandora Dixon, vice-president. Rod Sock- 
ey, secretary; Daniel Tubby, treasurer; not pictured 
Jarrett Thomas, reporter. (2nd row) Raquel Farmer, 
RheaAnn Thomas, Rachel Willis, Errol John, Patty 

SIFE: From L: (1st row) Valarie Barfield, president- 
Tracy Latham, vice-president; Connie Tew, secre- 
tary/treasurer/reporter; Ginny Rigby (2nd row) Lee 
Dempsey, Keneen Childress, Jareel Combest, Lisa 
Price, Veronica Haynes 


ECCC Warrior 

(In Alphabetical order) Lisa Adcock, Emily 
Boggan, Natalie Boggan, Erin Boswell, Jen- 
nie Bounds, Jessica Brown, Brandy Bur- 
nett, Andy Chambers, Kim Coghlan, Court- 
ney Cooper, Ashley Deel, Pete Deweese, 
Beau Ellison, Jessica Evans, Rebekah 
Franklin, Jerri Lynn Frey, Leah Fulcher, 
Carmen Germany, Mary Katherine Gordon, 
Jill Gray, Amanda Griffin, Heather Hamili- 
ton, Amanda Harris, Kelli Harris, Lindsey 
Hatcher, Veronica Haynes, Tesa Henry, 
Amanda Hillman, Elisha Hopkins, Nykela 
Home, Hayley Ingram, Emily Johnson, Jes- 
sica Johnson, Lacey Johnson, Sarah John- 
son, Ashley Jones, Karmen Jones, Shayla 
Kirksey, Alesha Kyzar, Jon Martin, Craig 
McRae, Ashely McDill, Krisri Moore, Rita 
Piunn, Huellen Nutt, Jessi Pullin, Justin 
Reed, Laney Ryals, Josh Sanders, William 
Savell, Staci Slayton, Matt Snow, Bridgette, 
Stamper, Emily Stephens, Brandi Stone, 
Connie Tew, Michael Thompson, Melissa 
Till, Will Wade, Mae Walker, Gina Wall, 
Heather Warren, Kyle Watson, Robyn 
Watts, Michael Wilcher, Marcus Williams, 
Shelby Withers, Jana Wylie. 



(first row from left) Samantha Stroud, Scarlet Price, Sherrie Komegay, Erica 
Rammage, Soiya Butler, Mandy Loghlan, Melanie Burkett, A'toyia Valentine. 
(Second row) Charles Walker, Denise Fleming, Janice Sadler, Christy Fletch- 
er, Danielle Pigg, Angela Hayman, Alethia Hitt, Heather Perry, Michelle Qoss, 
Thomas Bums. (Third row) Celee Fulkerson, Tryphosa McFadden, Jessica 
Butler, Amy Burgin, Jared Woodali, Brandi Martin, Ken Jones, Shelly Welch, 
Rhonda BeU. 

(First row from left) Theresa Sanjur, Kellie Moore, Tracey Taylor, Barry Edward 
Sonya Smith, Cristy Bowen, Vernon Bartholomew, Stacey Sistrunk, Amy Mor 
head, Jason Morehead. (Second row) Tim Boles, Lamonica Harris, Zel 
Stevens, Kim Scott, Candace Graham, Heather Thornton, Jessica Naza* 
Richard Alexander, Donna Reiss, Jennifer Russell, Justin Long. (Third row) Lyr 
Williamson, Kee Kee Micheal, Jacqueling Coward, Ashley Stuart, Erica Flak 
Johnna Levin, Sharon Spears, Alex Savell, Mary Quinn, Jerry Nance 



mcert Choir (first row from left) Stacey Woodard, Louisville, Leslie Mangrum, Union; Ashley Chase, Brandon; Chalene Walker, Lawrence; Nikki Feden, Louisville, Emily Germany, Union; Melanie Atkinson, 
ckson; Qlnny Rigby, Forest; Rena Ferry, Louisville; Ashley Byram, LaCenter, Kentucky; Jonathan Thome, Hickory; Frazier Wash, Andy Chamber and Ryan Louis, all of Forest; Michael Tucker, Little Rock; Michael 
idgers, Louisville; and choral director Tony Kinton; (second row, from left) LaWanda Ealy and Kim Walls, both of Forest; Lesli Bonner, Quitman; Ashley Deel, Morton; Marva Cavenaugh, Decatur; Heather War- 
n, Morton; Mae Walker, Decatur, Laura Aregood, Meridian; Timothy Cager, Union; Stephen Dye, Morton; William Savell, Lake; Mark Eakes, Philadelphia; Jason Wallacem Louisville, and Carl Wilson, Newton; 
lird row, from left) Shondra Moore, Philadelphia; Cindy Simmons, Carthage; Sarah Johnson, Newton; Holly Davidson, Union; Julie White, Little Rock; Jessica Monk, Lake; Natalie Boggan, Decatur, Rebekah 
anklin and Kymberty Patrick, both of Union; Tara Yarbrough, Sturgis; April Clark, Philadelphia; Brittany Bane, Carthage, Ashley Lay, Lena; Michael Hodgins, Philadelphia; David Thome. Hickory; Scott Popec. 
■uisville; nick Hall, Philadelphia; Stephen Pace, Morton; Brad Harrell and Mick Barham, both of Carthage; (back row, from left) Kelli Harris, and Emily Boggan, both of Decatur; D'Mytris Watkins, Forest; Stephanie 
rrott, Lena, Kristy Haygood, Chunky; Amanda Stamper, newton; Rachel Fulton, Carthage; Shen Calhoun, Ludlow; Karen Johnson; Morton; Phillip Johnson and Joshua Woodall, both of Collinsville; Ryan 
xxlard, Louisville; Chris Carson, Decatur; Dustin Burton and Joshua Sanders, both of Little Rock; Lucas Majure, Decatur; Tywan Stafford, Philadelphia; Jamie White, Forest; Chad Anderson, Union; Levi Dun- 
n, EusUs, Florida; Jonathan Craig, Morton; and Justin Sharp, Harpervllle. 

ispel Choir (First row from left) Ashley Keys, Raleigh; Cynthia Ray, Forest; Shanna Travis, Crystal Springs; Veronica Adams, Quitman; Kymberty Patrick, Union; Tonya Pickens, Forest; LeVar Robinson, Mor- 
n; Quin Moore, Louisville; Carl Wilson, Decatur; Timothy Cager, Union; Shalene Walker, Forest; Stephanie Parrot, Lena; Tiffany Huchlns. Thomastown; and sponsor Brenda K. Johnson; (second row, from left) 
>ya Rush, Louisville; Monica Brown, Hewton; Chariisa Deloach, Enterprise; Amy Johnson, Carthage, Qulnita Triplett, Louisville; Mellisa Jones, Bay Springs; Val Stribling. Philadelphia; Alex Moore, Lake; Timo- 
y Qrant, Morton; Levi Duncan, Eustis, Florida; Adrin Qorodn, Meridian; Juanita Chisolm, Lena; LeKeshla Bumside, Philadelphia; Sharee Ross, Montrose; and Cindy Simmons, Carthage; and (back row, from 
ft Demetria Dawkins, Hickory; LaWanda Ealy, Forest; Sheena Calhoun, Morton; Karen Johnson, Morton; Rena Perry, Louisville; Monica Patrick, Decatur; Ricco Wraggs, Louisville; Ken Jemigan, Louisville; Tywan 
afford and Renfred Rush, both of Philadelphia; Jamie White and Ryan Louis, both of Forest; Jonathan Qriffin, Philadelphia; Dlanne Thames, Decatur; and D'MyrrJs Watkins, Forest Mot pictured are Shameka 
eveland, Decatur; Evie Clark, Meridian; Marquita Smith, Noxapater; David Daniel, Tuscaloosa, Alabama- and Ellis Harrison, Walnut drove. 



(Kneeling from left) Melanie Atkinson, Jackson; Qinny Rigby, Forest; (Second row, from left) Amanda Stamper, 
Newton; D'Mytris Watkins, Forest, Leslie Bonner, Quitman; (Back row, from left) Chad Anderson, Union; Jamie 
White and Andy Chambers, both of Forest; David Thome and Jonathan Thorne, both of Hickory. 


EL i 


Kneeling from left) technicians Andy Murphy, Meridian; Nathan Shaw, Philadelphia; Craig McRae, 
Carthage; Ryan Woodard, Louisville; Robert Savell, Decatur, Jason Wallace, Louisville; (Second 
ow, from left) vocalist Nikki Peden, Louisville; Amber Gainer, Louisville; Ashley Byram, LaCen- 
:er, KY; Beckie Fulton, Carthage; Chris Carson, Decatur; Mark Eakes, Philadelphia; Josh Sanders, 
Decatur; (Back row, from left) musicians Brittany Bane and Jason Richardson, both of Philadel- 
ahia; Jason Gaines, Decatur; Frazier Wash, Forest; Joshua Black, Philadelphia; Julie White, 
Decatur; Adam Mann, Philadelphia; Dustin Burton, Decatur. 


The Wall O' Sound 


ECCC Centralettes: (Sitting left to 
right) Heather Warren, Ashley 
McDill, Casey Comans, Mary 
Tranum, Valerie Barfield. (Kneel- 
ing, from left) Emily Boggan, Sarah 
Johnson, Shelby Withers, Wendy 
Huff, Mae Walker, Natalie Boggan. 
(Standing, from left) McKinsey 
Mac, Jennifer Bounds, Courtney 
Cooper, Heather Hamilton, Aman- 
da Pope, Jessica Brown (Standing, 
from left) Jessica Quyse, Holly Pre- 
ston, Nikki Pearson, Leanne Stam- 
pley. Amy Jones, Jennifer Quyse 

ECCC Rifle Corps: (Sitting from left) Leslie 
Bryan, Shana Travis (Standing, from left) 
Jessica Weeks, Bevin Rieger, Jessica 

ECCC Flag Corps: (Sitting from left) 
Amanda Stamper, Brandi Parker, Katri- 
na Hyde, Angela Jayroe, Carrie Massey, 
Laney Ryals, Melanie Atkinson. (Kneel- 
ing from left) Jennifer Moss, Stacey 
Woodard, April Wallace, Candace Ful- 
ton, AUie Alex, Shayle Kirksey (Stand- 
ing from left) Kim Coglin, Erin Boswell, 
Karia McMahan, Jessica Johnson, Lau- 
rin Can, Heleena Fedrick Lacey Stoke- 
ly, Jessica Harrison 



l frj J 7J.*^' ^ 


ECCC Players 

(Kneeling from L) Michael Hodgins of Philadelphia, Hank Moreau of 
Decatur, Chad Anderson of Union, Bobby Hall and Adam Mann, 
both of Philadelphia (Standing from L) Melanie Atkinson of Jack- 
son, Huellen Nutt of Morton, Chris Carson of Decatur, Daniel Ful- 
ton of Carthage, and Melissa Till of Pelahatchie. Lila Hunt serves as 

Spoon River Anthology 


WOHE-LO Staff 


From L: (1st row) Charlisa Deloach, Holly Preston, Marcie Wall, Amy Herring- 
ton, Bridget Minor, and Tracy Latham (2nd row) Matt Snow, Lori Palmer, Mar- 
cie Breidinger, Lee Dempsey, and Stacy Skinner (kneeling) sponsor Patsy 



Adult Warrior Corps: 

(first row from left) William K. Montgomery, Joel 
Skinner, Jody Addy, James Garrison, (second row) 
Johnny Moore, William Parks, Billy Harris, Jarrett 

(first row from left) Deloris Blaylock, Catherine 
Arlington, Demeteria Hayman, Mattie Brown, Ree 
Hickman, (second row) Billy Bates, Franceania Lyles, 
Betty Wilkerson, Tracy Qoodin. 

Resident Hall Council: 

■ ■ ■ 

Scholars Bowl: 

(first row from left) Val Stribling, Melani Burkett, 
Erica Ramage, Robert Savell, William Perkins, not 
pictured: TJ Madison 

(first row from left) Kristen Mills, Craig McRae. 
(second row) nick Barham, Advisors Gloria McRae 
and Linda Pierce, Cliff Edwards 


President's Council 

(First row from left) Dean of Students Randall E. Lee, Michael Wilcher and Craig McRae, both of Carthage; Qinny 
Rigby, Forest; and ECCC President Dr. Eddie M. Smith. (Standing from left) T.J. Madison, Philadelphia; Trac Qoodin, 
Noxapater; Tracy Latham, Foret; Brent Madden, Sebastopol; Brandi Stone, Carthage; Adrin Gordon, Meridian; Kar- 
men Jones, Walnut Grove; Adam Mann, Philadelphia; Veronica Haynes, Louisville; Frazier Wash, Forest; Beckie Ful- 
ton, Carthage; Melanie Atkinson, Jackson; Jon Martin, Philadelphia; Pam Jones, MOrton; Kristy Turner of Philadel- 
phia, Lisa Price, Carthage; Odessa Denson of Philadelphia; Marva Cavenaugh, Chunky; Staci Slayton, Enterprise; T.J. 
Porter, Morton; and Kristie French, Union. 

Mew Directions 

(First row from left) Ree Hickman, 
Louisville; Catherine Arrington, 
Newton; Debby Robinson, Hickory; 
Fickie Lacey, Madden; Anita 
Palmer, Meridian. (Second row 
from left) Franceania Lyles, new- 
ton; Debroah Lucroy, Decatur; 
Anita Campbell, Union; Bettye Rus- 
sell, Union; Dei Hayman, Meridian. 
(Third row from left) Alice Pouncey 
(Sponsor); Marc McCool, Sponsor; 
Tracy Goodin, noxapater; Makia 
Cavenaugh, Chunky; Betty Wilke- 
son, Lake. 









'" IP 


v v 


Associate Degree Nursing 

Automotive Technology 





Child Care Development 

Collision Repair Technology 



. i '":. 
















John Adcock 



Maudean Sanders 
Assistant Director 

Jimmy Dempsey 
Vo-Tech Counselor 

Sandra Amis 
Tech-Prep Coordinator 


For A Job Well Done! 

In 1985, Dr. Eddie M. Smith resigned from his duties as Dean of Instruction, District, at 
Copiah-Lincoln Junior College and became East Central Community College's sixth pres- 

Comets didn't blaze overhead as our new leader pushed us toward the twenty-first cen- 
tury — but perhaps they should have. 

During Dr. Smith's fifteen-year tenure. East Central has experienced a renaissance: a burst 
of physical, curricular, and philosophical growth in response to demands of an increas- 
ingly multicultural and technologically advanced district. New facilities? Visit the 
ADN/Childcare Building, the Science & Technology Lab at South Campus, or Erma Lee Bar- 
ber Hall. New ideas and methodologies? Talk to Virginia Pace about distance learning and 
and the Mississipi Virtual Community College. Training for the workplace? Get the 
answers from John Adcock. 

Over two thousand students prepared for the new millennium during the fall of 1999 
semester at an institution that bears the indelible fingerprint of its president. The college 
that they know, respect, and love is to a large degree his creation. 

It is with full hearts that we thank him for his hard work and devotion and say goodbye. 
With gratitude, the staff of the Wo-tie-Lo dedicates the 1999-2000 yearbook to Dr. Eddie 
M. Smith 


Editors' Notes 

This year is finally coming to a close. I want to 
thank Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Smith, Stacy, and the rest 
of the yearbook staff for all their help and hard 
work. As you look at this yearbook, remember the 
experiences you've had and the people you've 
met. Use your time at EC as a stepping stone in 
your life. Let your adventures here guide you on to 
bigger and better things. Be sure to press on and 
not step backward in the future. The Bible states 
in Philippians 3:14, "I press toward the mark for 
the prize of the high calling of God in Christ 
Jesus." I hope you enjoy this yearbook as much as 
we've enjoyed putting it together. 

~l/loJj£, XoikeuyO 

The end of a millennium seems a fitting time for 
reflection. A chance to pause and get a new per- 
spective before beginning a whole new era. Life is 
so complicated, but the Lord is still good and Me 
still blesses. I can honestly say my first taste of 
college life here at EC has been fun and challeng- 
ing. (Fun if you like all-nighters of studying chem- 
istry physics, and the like, or challenging if you 
get a thrill form searching for a parking space.) On 
a serious note though, the total EC experience 
would have been nothing without the people. I've 
met so many interesting folks and have made 
some wonderful friends. 1 tip my hat to the caring 
staff at EC who truly have the student i mind. 
Thanks especially to Mrs. Patsy Moore — it's been 
a great two yearsl Well, here we go into the fast- 
paced twenty-first century. Life will undoubtedly 
go on spinning out of control, so I would like to 
leave some comfort with this Bible verse from 
Hebrews 1 3:8 — "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, 
and to day, and for ever." 

East Central Community College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools 
(1866 Southern Lane. Decatur.Georiga 20033-4097: Telephone number 404-679-4501) to award the Soociate Degree. 

East Central Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex. age. or handicap. 
The College is in compliance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Title IX of the 1972 Educatioal Amendements. Section 504 
of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. 





For all your 

building material 



Hwy 15 South 
Union 774*5*47 

Decatur 635*3510 

_ _ Ben jam in A a / 


A Str oke of Brillia nce.* 

\^ Lpngs Buildin 



"Flowers For All Occasions'" 

100 Highway 494 East 

Union, MS 39365 

PH: 774-5785 Jo Smith, Owner 


CO., INC. 

Hwy 15 Bypass, Union 

FH: (601) 774-9222 

FH: 800-844-9288 

Ted Marshall, Owner 
Larry Seale, General Manager 

F-Series, Explorer. Expedition, Ranger, 
Windstar, Econoline Van, Club Wagon 

fr"S3" w 


Down Home, Down The Street. 

I M 

Brings You 

The Freshest Meat in Town! 

Newton, MS 39345 


Hometown Folks with 
Hometown Interests 






The Citizens Dank 

J/oci Can 7ka4ta S>o6tdCtUzex 

<f ^^| Member 

^^ FDIC 


Community Bank 

Banking the Way It Should Be. 

323 E. Third St. in Forest 
PH: 469-1611 

Equal Housing Lender 
Member FDIC 


We Make The Rooms 
That Make A Home. 


33 Scanlan Street 
Newton, MS 39345 



Member FDIC 

P.O. Box 60 

Forest, MS 39074 



White's Body Shop 




212 Main Street 
Union, MS 39365 


Chevrolet-OIdsmobile-Pontiac, Inc. 

Newton County's Only G.M. Dealer 

Family owned & operated since 1982 

501 Northside Drive 
P.O. Box 1 18 - Newton, MS 39345 

601-683-3381 or 601-683-3471 






* ~m^* ■&■ ft 


Highway 15 North Newton, Mississippi 


»:»:* - 

<£}Vewton County Bank 

Newton, Mississippi 


Uki* *ap*MJhv iAior«d to »«3C JOC 





'o«t*. i*».-* ■ kwitna .3»*.-««««r* 

_7o Retire ( Z/< 






Serving East Central Mississippi 

Since 1912 




325 Byrd Ave., Philadelphia, MS 39350 
Kent Spence, Owner PH: 656-2476 


Truck and Body 


753 Metts Street 

Louisville, MS 39339 


Charlie Herrington 

Road Service 

Wrecker Service 

206 Jackson Road 
Union, MS 39365 




Commercial & Government Rates 
Non Smoking Rooms Available 
Remote Control Televisions 
Cable TV - Fax Service - Free HBO 
New Swimming Pool 
Large Bus & Truck Parking Lot 
Free Continental Breakfast 
Refrigerators, Microwaves in All Rooms 

Hwy. 35 & Interstate 20 Exit 88 
PH: 469-2500 


Grocery St Cafe 

Dine In or Take Out 

All-You-Can Eat Seafood Buffet 
Friday and Saturday Nights 


Little Rock 

Route 4 


Box 200, UnionTMS 

S 39365 


• , v ""-i 



Not ^irnovt 

K.C.C.C. LfliRAll"B